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The East Greenbush CSD uses tests throughout the school year to evaluate what students have learned and to determine future instruction. The District also administers state-mandated tests throughout a student’s K-12 education, including the grades 3-8 math and ELA tests in April and Regents Exams required for graduation.


2016-17 Testing Schedule

  • January 24-27: Regents and Local Examinations
  • March 28-30: NYS Grades 3-8 ELA
  • May 2-4: NYS Grades 3-8 Mathematics
  • May 24-June 2: NYS Science Performance Test, Grades 4 and 8
  • June 5: NYS Science Written Test, Grades 4 and 8
  • June 13-23: Regents and Local Examinations

Elementary- and Intermediate-level Testing Schedules

Regents and Local Examination Schedules