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Budget / Tax

The school budget is developed by administrators in coordination with the Budget Review and Advisory Committee, the Board of Education and members of the community.

East Greenbush Central School District residents passed a $94.3 million budget for the 2018-19 school year on May 15, as well as two bus purchase propositions that will replace 10 school buses and a proposition to create a new bus purchase reserve fund.


2018-19 School Budget

  • Budget total: $94,266,392
  • Spending increase: 2.29%
  • Tax levy increase: 4.27%


2019-20 School Budget

The Board of Education adopted the proposed school budget for 2019-20 at a public meeting on Wednesday, April 3. It will be voted on by district residents on Tuesday, May 21.

The proposed budget totals $95,925,684, an increase of 1.76% from last year. The proposed tax levy increase is 3.69%, which is below the New York State tax cap of 4.84% that applies to East Greenbush, requiring a simple majority to pass the budget.

All members of the community are invited to learn more about the 2019-20 proposed school budget by attending one of the many budget meetings offered this spring.


Overview of the Budget Process

Budget development starts in October when the Board of Education adopts a budget calendar. The Board also provides input to the administration on budget objectives and sets general parameters for the process.

The administration then prepares a budget with principals, department chairs and supervisors. Preliminary budgets are presented in March. The school board devotes time to budget development at its regular business meetings.

Administrators work to refine their numbers as more accurate cost estimates and enrollment figures are received during this period, and as Board members ask them to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of providing a service in a different way.

Throughout the winter and spring, school board members and administrators are also monitoring budget activity at the state level. School board members and administrators are in frequent contact with local legislators to inform them how various state funding proposals will affect East Greenbush schools.

The administration also looks at internal and external factors that are likely to have the greatest impact on the next year’s budget. Such factors may include rising prices for fuel or health insurance.

In late March/early April (depending on state budget developments), the Board of Education votes on a proposed budget. A newsletter describing the budget is then printed and mailed to all district homes. A copy of the proposed budget broken down by line items is also available in late April at the main office of each school building, district office, public library and district website.

The public vote on the proposed budget is held by law on the third Tuesday in May, which will be May 21, 2019.

Budget Issues

Click on the links below to learn more about budget issues affecting our schools.


Board Policies

  • 1050 (Annual District Election and Budget Vote)
  • 6100 (Annual Budget)
  • 6110 (Budget Planning)
  • 6110-R (Budget Planning Regulation)
  • 6120 (Budget Hearing)