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Grandma Diane BuyerThe East Greenbush Board of Education welcomes and encourages community members to volunteer in District schools. There are numerous opportunities for people to volunteer during the school day and in the afternoons and evenings.


Individual Schools

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer in individual schools or for individual departments. For information on volunteer opportunities at specific schools or departments contact:

ColumbiaMichael Harkin,
GoffWayne Grignon,
Bell TopMartin Mahar,
GenetAna Yeomans,
Green MeadowDan Garab,
DPSJack Alvey,
Red MillJohn Caporta,
Athletic DepartmentMichael Leonard,
Music DepartmentScott Halliday,
DistrictwideJeffrey P. Simons,


Seniors Teaching and Reaching Students (STARS)

The STARS program is open to individuals age 55 and older. No teaching experience is required. The program draws upon the knowledge and experience of retirees to enrich the lives of students by promoting academic success while fostering intergenerational contact.

To volunteer: contact the building principal at the school where you would like to volunteer.


PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Each school building has a parent teacher organization. These organizations sponsor school events and programs through volunteer efforts of parents. To volunteer with a building PTO contact:

ColumbiaAlex DeMarco, President
GoffSharon Nolan, President
Angel Schweigert, Vice President
Bell TopLisa Mingle, President
Kate Seibert, Co-Vice President
Jessica Kurimsky, Co-Vice President
GenetJill Tedford, Co-President
Noelle Nuzzi, Co-President
Green MeadowNichole Krisanda, President
DPSRobin Garrison, President
Deilah Hulsoppe, Co-Vice President
Dotty Faulkner, Co-Vice President
Red MillLaurie Marchiony, President


The District benefits from numerous committees and organizations dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded high quality educational experience. To volunteer for these organizations and committees contact:

Education CommitteeJim McHugh,
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Budget Review and Advisory Committee (BRAC)Lawrence Edson, Jr., Assistant Superintendent for School Business
East Greenbush Education FoundationStephen Taylor,
The Friends of MusicPat Corkrey, President518-479-0908
All Sports ClubMichael Leonard, Athletic