Biomes Earth, Earth Layers, Sun, Moon Gravity, Forces Ecosystems/Habitats
Energy, Forces, Magnetism, Sound, Light
Environment/Life Cycles/Webs Geology Human Body Inventors  & Inventions
Plants Properties of Matter Rocks, Minerals, Cycles of Rocks Science Fair Projects
Simple Machines Water Cycle Weather  

Science sites to try. Many themes that cover adventure, experiments, field trips, and curiosity. 
Try Science Cool Science for Curious Kids - 
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Missouri Botanical Gardens  Journey into the Rainforest - 
National Geographic
EPA Exploring Estuaries Biomes -  5 Main Biomes -
Kids Do Ecology
Enchanted Learning - Biomes Mission Biomes - NASA
Biomes - Fact Monster Biomes - Earth Science Explorer
The World's Biomes - 
University of California
Types of Lands - 
Hartcourt Publishers
Biomes - NatureWorks - 
New Hampshire Public Television
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Ecosystems/ Habitats/ Biodiversity
Ecosystems - NatureWorks - 
New Hampshire Public Television 
K4 Earth Science Modules 
 Journey into the Amazonia - PBS Interdependence and Adaptation - BBC
Biodiversity 4H Virtual Farm
EPA Exploring Estuaries
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Environment/ Life Cycles/ Webs
Eco Kids
Food Web - 
Create up to 4 different food webs
Biology of Plants - 
Missouri Botanical Garden
(Plant Part, Making Food, Pollination, Seed Dispersal)
Artic, Pond & Meadow Food Web -
Trees are Terrific Food Chains
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Earth, Earth Layers, Sun, Moon, Gravity, Forces
Spheres - Earth Science Explorer Orbital Changes - Earth Science Explorer
Earth - Windows to the Universe
(Interior & Surface, Atmosphere, Moon, Water, Life & Ecology, Climate, etc.)
Geologic Time - 
Earth Science Explorer
Plate Tectonics - Earth Science Explorer Amazing Space
Volcanoes - Earth Science Explorer The Earth's Moon - Windows to the Universe
Sun, Earth & Moon - BBC Gravity - Harcourt
Inside the Earth - 
Enchanted Learning
Layers of the Earth - 
The Tech Org
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Energy/ Forces/ Magnetism/ Sound/ Light
Energy Kids Page - Department of Energy Changing Circuits - BBC
Changing Sound - BBC Forces in Action
Light/How We See Things - BBC  Friction - BBC
Physics of Sound - FOSSWEB
Interactive Activities, Movies, Pictures and More...
Theater of Electricity - 
Boston Museum of Science
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Earthquakes for Kids - USGS Geology Training with Arty Astro - NASA
Geology of our Earth  
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Human Body
Brain Drain - Harcourt Digestion - Harcourt
Skeleton Shakedown - Harcourt Moving and Growing - BBC
Inventors/ Inventions
Zoom Inventors & Inventions - Enchanted Learning  
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New Plants - FOSSWEB
Interactive Activity, Movies, Pictures and more
Identify a Tree - 
National Arbortree Association
The Great Plant Escape - 
University of Illinois
Identify Flower Parts - BBC
Fast Plants - University of Wisconsin Adventure of the Argonauts
Trees are Terrific What Tree Is It?
Biology of Plants - 
Missouri Botanical Garden
(Plant Part, Making Food, Pollination, Seed Dispersal)
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Properties of Matter
Changing State - BBC Chem4Kids!
Solids and Liquids - BBC States of Matter - Hartcourt
Melting and Boiling - Hartcourt Publishers Gases Around Us - BBC
Changing Matter Demonstration
A great interactive demonstration of liquid molecules! Increase the heat, and watch it change into a gas!
Reversible and Irreversible Changes - BBC
Properties of Materials
A great series of interactive games that explores the world of materials!
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Rocks, Minerals, Cycles of Rocks
Mineralogy for Kids Fast Facts About Rock and Fossils - Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Rock Cycle - Earth Science Explorer Rock and Rock Cycle - Windows to the Universe
What is a Mineral? - Windows to the Universe What is a Fossil?
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Simple Machines
Simple Machines - Franklin Institute Edheads
Simple Machines - 
Hartcourt Publishers
Pieces of Science/Understanding Simple Machines - Science Learning Network
Simple and Complex Machines -
University of Utah
Levers and Pulleys - Foss Web
Interactive Activities, Movies, Pictures and more...
(Center Of Science and Industry)
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Science Fair Projects
Great Ideas and Instructions for Your Scienc
e Fair
Bunsen Bob's Science Fair Projects 
8th Grade and Under
California Energy Commission Science Fair Projects
The Science Explorer The Franklin Institute
Try Science
Water Cycle
Water Cycle - DCWASA for Kids Water Cycle - Earth Science Explorer
 Water Science for Schools - USGS Droplet and the Water Cycle
Water Cycle - Windows to the Universe Water Cycle - EPA
Water Cycle - MOBOT Water Cycle - Earth Science Explorer
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Ed Heads Weather Page The Weather Channel
Annenberg Weather FEMA's Disaster Area
University of Illinois Weather One EPA's Climate, Weather, Global Warming Site
Weather - BBC Weather - Scholastic
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