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Solar System Life Cycles Habitats/
Living Things
Hibernating Animals Endangered Species Insects Properties of Matter

Solar System
Solar System - Windows to the Universe The Nine Planets
Star Child - NASA Kids Astronomy
Images of the Solar System - Windows to the Universe A Virtual Journey Into the Universe - ThinkQuest
Solar System - 
Enchanted Learning
The 9 Planets
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Life Cycles
Animal Life Cycles - Enchanted Learning  Life Cycle of a Butterfly - Hartcourt School
The Great Plant Escape 
(Life Cycle of a Plant) 
University of Illinois
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Habitats/ Living Things
Ponds and Lakes Animals  
Rivers and Streams Trees are Terrific
Wetland and Their Animals Michigan 4-H Children's Garden
Shades of Green: Earth's Forests - Think Quest Biology of Plants - 
Missouri Botanical Garden
(Plant Part, Making Food, Pollination, Seed Dispersal)
Web of Life (Habitats) - Kids Planet

National Geographic - Pathfinder

K-4 Earth Science Modules 
Food Chains Artic, Pond & Meadow Food Web -
Hartcourt School
The Great Plant Escape - 
University of Illinois
Identify a Tree - 
National Arbortree Association
Fast Plants - University of Wisconsin Identify Flower Parts - BBC
Trees are Terrific Adventure of the Argonauts
Biology of Plants - 
Missouri Botanical Garden
(Plant Part, Making Food, Pollination, Seed Dispersal)

New Plants - FOSSWEB
Interactive Activity, Movies, Pictures and more...

Helping Plants Grow Well -BBC My First Garden
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Properties of Matter
States of Matter - 
Hartcourt Publishers
Gases Around Us - BBC
Changing State - BBC Reversible and Irreversible Changes
Solids and Liquids - BBC Animal Variations - BBC
(dragging plants and animals to the correct group)
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eNature - 
National Wildlife Federation
Hippo Quest - PBS
Animals - Enchanted Learning Animal Diversity Web - University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
Smithsonian National Zoo Smithsonian Zoological Park
Nature ca - 
Canadian Museum of Nature
Animals - FOSSWEB
Interactive Activity, Movies, Pictures and More...
Alaskan Dog Sledding - PBS
Meet the Dinosaurs Animals of the Artic - Think Quest
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Hibernating Animals
Hibernation - ThinkQuest Hibernating Animals
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Endangered Species
Especies Fact Sheet  
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Bug Bios Let's Talk About Insects - 
University of Illinois
Bees - PBS Butterflies - Field Museum
Tales From the Hive Insects - FOSSWEB
Interactive Activities, Moves, Pictures and More..
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