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SchoolMessenger Alerts

SchoolMessenger is the District’s new notification service which includes email, text message and phone calls for parents and guardians. The purpose is to send out important alerts regarding closings, emergencies and school news.

Parents and guardians will receive notifications based on their contact information in PowerSchool. Please note, text messages require an additional confirmation (see below).

If you would like more information, please contact Public Information Specialist Mark Adam at 518-207-2532 or

How SchoolMessenger will be used

Type of Situation                Type of Communication Recipients
Emergency during school hours (e.g., early dismissal due to water main break) Phone call, text message, email Emergency contacts (from Student Verification Form)
Snow day or 2-hour delay before school starts Text message Parents/guardians
Community news (e.g., reminder about budget vote) Email Parents/guardians

FAQ: SchoolMessenger

When will the District send text messages?
Text messages will be sent to parents/guardians for emergencies that happen during school hours and for any school closings/delays (e.g., schools closed due to snow, schools closing due to power outage).

What phone numbers will the District send text messages to?
During emergencies, text messages will be sent to the SMS text message-capable numbers provided as part of the Student Verification Form. Additionally, parents/guardians will receive text messages about weather-related closings and delays.

Will I be charged for the text message?
SchoolMessenger does not charge recipients for text messages that they receive or send to the short code. However, wireless providers may charge for individual text messages, depending on the plan associated with the wireless device. Please consult your carrier if you are uncertain.

May I opt out of text messaging?
Yes. You may opt out of receiving text messages at any time. Simply reply to one of our messages with “Stop”.

When will we receive phone calls or emails?
Phone calls will only be used for emergencies that happen during school hours. Calls will continue to be made to the emergency contact numbers you provided. Emails will be used to communicate important school news (e.g., upcoming budget vote).

How do I check my contact information?
Log in to PowerSchool and click Parent Student Contact Info (School Messenger). If you need to make any changes, please contact your school’s main office. This information is updated daily.