Goff Organic Garden
Farmer's Market
is open
Tuesday - Wednesday: 9 a.m.- noon
Thursday: 10 a.m. - noon

July 10th - August

Tuesday through Thursday throughout the summer, students sell the produce they grow in the garden. Each morning students set up a retail business selling their fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Profits from their farmer's markets generates the revenue to pay for garden seeds, fertilizer and tools for the next year.

Produce that isn't sold during the week is donated to local soup kitchens and food pantries on Thursday afternoons.

Students fill the racks with the vegetables and create a nice presentation for customers and visitors who come to the garden.

Students are also responsible for transacting business, and for communicating with customers in a positive, professional way.

Many regular customers are school staff, local neighbors and parents who enjoy participating in the children's education, and are grateful to buy fresh organic produce for their family dinner at home.

Students get practical experience packaging and weighing the produce, calculating costs and making change for their customers.

These experiences give students a fundamental perspective on business practices, and the skills and attitudes of entrepreneurship.

While the market goes on, lots of other work is happening in the garden.

The Organic Market Price Board is updated depending on what vegetables are available at what time.