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PowerSchool / Portal Overview
The East Greenbush Central School District uses a Student Information System, SIS, to manage student records, grades, attendance, schedules, and many other pieces of student information. The system, PowerSchool, allows us to connect parents/guardians to their student's information. The PowerSchool Parent Portal enables parents to view their student's grades and attendance online.

The process by which parents can view their child's grades and attendance is highly secure. The Portal allows access to this information from any place with Internet access and uses a secure link that encrypts the data to and from the end user. Parents may only view their student's grades and attendance and must have a district assigned user ID and password to gain access to the Student Information System. This system allows "real time" information for parents/guardians.

It is very important to remember that teachers' primary task it to work with your students. Inputting of grades is a very time consuming task. Do not expect that grades will be entered immediately; it may take several days for grades to be entered.

Certain assignments, writing projects, research, or other more complicated assignments may take longer to grade and enter. Please respect the many demands on the teacher's time and join us in using the Portal to strengthen parent teacher communications.

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