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Goff wins regional trophyThe Goff Science Olympiad team won the Capital District Regional Championship on Saturday at Goff Middle School, earning them a place in the New York State finals on April 8. This is Goff’s sixth consecutive regional championship.

Goff Middle School earned a total of 37 medals in 21 different events testing subjects such as biology, physics and engineering.

The competition was run by Capital District Regional Coordinator and Goff Middle School Head Coach Donnamarie Vlieg. A variety of community members, alumni and high school students volunteered their time on Saturday to provide the students with this extracurricular opportunity.

Team members included:

9th graders: Kate Burns, George Culver, Adam DiCesare, Ryan Doyle, Elena Ferrari, Leif Haley, Rachel Haney, Sam Koblensky, Sydney Lemire, Kelly Nagel, Abby Pauli, Sydney Sill, Danae Smith, Austin Tu, Ryan Wei
8th graders: Hana Ali, Ryan Allen, Owen Ball, Labika Baral, Connor Hurley, Shruti Kamat, Noah Millan, Tyler Pearson, Logan Plowinske, Connor See,  Nidhi Shah, Nina Tedeschi, Jakob Weidman
7th graders: David Adadjo, Ekansh Agrawal, Nathan Beams, Carson Kehmna, Praaghya Meyyan, Colin Mihill, Rishita Nagothi, Clara Xin
Coaches: Donnamarie Vlieg, John Cirincione, Linda Pavlick

Gold medals:
Anatomy – Sydney Lemire, Sydney Sill
Bridge Building – Leif Haley, Noah Millan
Disease Detective – Ryan Doyle, Ryan Wei
Dynamic Planet  – Labika Baral, Nina Tedeschi
Elastic Launch Glider – Owen Ball, Sam Koblensky
Green Generation – Labika Baral, George Culver
Invasive Species – Noah Millan, Sydney Sill
Meteorology – Leif Haley, Sam Koblensky
Microbe Mission – Sydney Lemire, Sydney Sill
Optics – George Culver, Owen Ball
Reach for the Stars – Kelly Nagel, Logan Plowinske
Road Scholar – Leif Haley, Sydney Sill
Wind Power – George Culver, Sam Koblensky

Silver medals:
Air Trajectory – Nina Tedeschi, Connor See
Biology Lab – Hana Ali, Adam DiCesare
Crave the Wave – Ekansh Agrawal, Austin Tu
Disease Detective – Kate Burns, Danae Smith
Elastic Launch Glider – Ekansh Agrawal, Austin Tu
Experimental Design – Connor Hurley, Kelly Nagel, Tyler Pearson
Fossils – Owen Ball, Connor See
Green Generation – Elena Ferrari, Danae Smith
Microbe Mission – Kelly Nagel, Tyler Pearson
Picture This – Leif Haley, Sydney Lemire
Reach for the Stars – Leif Haley, Connor See
Scrambler – Owen Ball, Noah Millan

Bronze medals:
Air Trajectory – Logan Plowinske, Jakob Weidman
Anatomy – Ekansh Agrawal, Abby Pauli
Biology Lab – Sam Koblensky, Sydney Lemire
Crave the Wave – George Culver, Nina Tedeschi
Dynamic Planet – Kate Burns, Danae Smith
Elastic Launch Glider – Connor Hurley, Tyler Pearson
Experimental Design – Owen Ball, Noah Millan, Jakob Weidman
Green Generation – Ryan Doyle, Austin Tu
Optics – Connor Hurley, Tyler Pearson
Road Scholar – Kate Burns, Nidhi Shah
Scrambler – Ryan Allen, Adam DiCesare
Wind Power – Ryan Doyle, Ryan Wei