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The Board of Education approved the proposed school budget for 2016-17 at Wednesday’s Budget Review Session at Citizen Edmond Genet Elementary School. The proposed budget, which maintains all current programs and services, totals $90.1 million. It will be voted on by District residents on Tuesday, May 17.

The proposed tax levy increase is 1.92%, which is below the state tax cap of 3.35%.

“We are pleased to present another school budget that provides all of the same high quality programs while staying under the tax cap,” said Superintendent Dr. Angela Nagle.

The proposed budget’s tax levy increase dropped to 1.92% because of lower expenses (health insurance savings of more than $400,000) and increased revenue (additional $1.2 million in state aid through Gap Elimination Adjustment restoration, and adjustments to PILOT revenue and the fund balance).

“We are thankful to our elected representatives who ended the GEA this year and returned more than $1 million to our schools,” Dr. Nagle said.

In addition to the school budget, voters will decide on two school bus propositions and elect three candidates to the Board of Education.

As part of the District’s bus fleet management, it plans to trade-in 10 older school buses and replace with new buses that have better fuel efficiency, lower emissions, improved safety features and lower costs for maintenance and repairs. Six of the buses will be purchased from the District’s Reserve Fund with no impact to taxpayers.

2016-17 Proposed School Budget

Proposition 1: School Budget

  • Proposed school budget of $90.1 million, an increase of 2.21% from last year
  • Tax levy increase of 1.92%, which is below the state tax cap of 3.35%
  • Maintains all programs and services

Proposition 2: Bus Purchase from Reserve Fund

  • Four 66-passenger buses and two 28-passenger buses
  • Purchased from voter-approved reserve fund so there is no impact to taxpayers

Proposition 3: Bus Purchase from Bond

  • Two 66-passenger buses and two 28-passenger buses
  • New York State will reimburse the District for 59.6% of eligible costs

Board of Education election

  • Three Board of Education seats are available
  • Winning candidates will serve three-year terms on the Board of Education

Residents can learn more about the proposed budget by attending the following public meetings:

School Date Time School Location
Red Mill Tuesday, April 12 7:00 pm Library
Goff Tuesday, April 12 8:00 pm Cafeteria
Genet Monday, April 18 6:30 pm Cafeteria
Bell Top Monday, May 2 7:00 pm Cafeteria
Goff (Public Hearing) Wednesday, May 4 7:30 pm Cafeteria

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