Kindergarten Returns Full Time Starting March 1

The Board of Education has approved two changes to the instructional model: 1) Kindergarten students will resume five days a week of in-person learning starting on Monday, March 1. The Full Remote Program is still available to families. 2) Live Virtual Wednesdays will be eliminated for students in grades 1-5 starting March 10 to provide one additional in-person school day every other week. March 10 will be an in-person school day for B Day students and A Day students will have a remote day. The schedule will alternate going forward.

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East Greenbush Central School District would like to welcome all of our new teachers and staff. We hope you have a wonderful school year!

  • Julie Adadjo, Special Education, Goff
  • Patricia Adee, Food Service Helper, CHS
  • Sherry Allen, Custodial Worker, Bell Top
  • Jeffrey Amos, Chemistry, CHS
  • Angelica Bianchi, Special Education, Green Meadow
  • Heather Clements, Math/Teaching Assistant, Goff
  • Kelley Crouch, Account Clerk, Food Services
  • Wendy Curtis, Science/Social Studies, Goff
  • Caroline Felock, School Bus Driver
  • Anthony Ficarra, School Bus Driver
  • Alyssa Fodera, Teaching Assistant, Genet
  • Pamela Folsom, Monitor, Bell Top
  • Valerie Gordon, Art, CHS
  • Carolyn Haldane, Reading, DPS
  • Courteny Hammond, Physical Education, CHS
  • Morgan Harlan, Spanish, Goff/CHS
  • Pamela Jackson, Math, CTAEP
  • Carrie Knudsen, Reading, Genet
  • Kathy Maggiacomo, Library, Bell Top/Genet
  • Carina Mahar, Grade 3, Green Meadow
  • Reene McGreevy, Registered Nurse
  • Samantha Monty, Health, Goff/CHS
  • Juliette Murphy, School Bus Driver
  • Alexandra Omecinsky, ESOL, Goff/Genet
  • Jaclyn Passineau, Grade 3, Red Mill
  • Lois Rondeau, Social Worker, CHS
  • Thomas Ross, Physics, CHS
  • Russell Schwenke, School Bus Driver
  • Robert Scott, School Bus Driver
  • Renee Seney, French, CHS
  • Jeffrey Smith, School Bus Driver
  • Katie Suhr, Kindergarten, Genet
  • Jamie Tobin, Library, Red Mill/CHS
  • Sarah Virnelli, Grade 4 Genet
  • Jacob Vooris, School Bus Driver
  • Laura Wladarczyk, Library, DPS/Green Meadow/CHS
  • Tammy Wyant, School Bus Driver