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2016 Green Meadow Apple Race (courtesy Hitlin Photography)

2016 Green Meadow Apple Race (courtesy Hitlin Photography)

Green Meadow students participated in their annual Apple Race last week in front of cheering family members lining the playground.

The event was organized by Physical Education teachers Chris Dedrick and Greg Jette and the PTO provided apples for the students.

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1st Grade Boys:

  1. Tyler Bombard
  2. Temi Epebinuade
  3. Kinsey Poissant

1st Grade Girls:

  1. Svetlana Miller
  2. Alexis Pelli
  3. Chloe Norton

2nd Grade Boys:

  1. Brady Lee
  2. Cole Berglund
  3. Brady Mosher

2nd Grade Girls:

  1. Megan Baumeister
  2. Aiyanna Santana
  3. Allison Hutton
  4. Katerina Christakis

3rd Grade Boys:

  1. Andrew Mocerine
  2. Kaiden Santana
  3. Sean Boniface

3rd Grade Girls:

  1. Sarah Rainville
  2. Ava Tran
  3. Kaylee Mercer
  4. Kiersten Lee

4th Grade Boys:

  1. Dylan Maychack
  2. Gavin Bielawa
  3. Aditya Chauhan

4th Grade Girls:

  1. Kennedy Ring
  2. Stacey Andres
  3. Kendyl Ouimette

5th Grade Boys:

  1. Carter Norton
  2. Alex Swinnie
  3. Zander Poissant
  4. Thomas Fey

5th Grade Girls:

  1. Anna Shepard
  2. Kamilla Conboy
  3. Lily Panasci