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Red Mill spool mobileThird graders at Red Mill Elementary School raced “spool mobiles” they built during the Simple Machines and Systems unit in Science class before the holiday break.

All students were given the same materials – a wooden spool, a straw, a rubber band and a plastic coffee stirrer – and guidelines to build the simple machine. From there, they were able to test different ways to launch their spool mobiles and reflect on possible modifications.

Each of the four classes held their own competition to see whose spool mobile would travel the farthest. The four class winners faced each other to find the ultimate winner.

1st Place – Kameron Crozzoli (Mr. Brownell’s class)
2nd Place – Lucy Thomas (Mr. Harde)
3rd Place – Tyler Secor (Ms. Passineau)
4th Place – Zack Grugan (Mrs. Dushensky)