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Goff History Bee 1Seventh grader Justin Sapienza and eighth grader Joseph Vitali were crowned co-champions of Goff Middle School’s inaugural History Bee on December 23 in front of a packed gymnasium. They were among 15 contestants who answered questions about U.S. and world history.

The students qualified by scoring the highest on a school-wide preliminary quiz.

After a double elimination round, the four finalists each answered the same three questions – name the presidents on Mount Rushmore, name the five most populated cities in the U.S., and name the seven New Wonders of the World – receiving one point for each correct response.

The History Bee was organized by social studies teachers Michael Barnes and Patricia Farnan. Congratulations to all of the participants!

History Bee Contestants

  • Ekansh Agrawal (finalist)
  • Cameron Carey
  • Lucas Church
  • Anthony Cozzy (finalist)
  • Amber Duryea
  • Evan Farnan
  • Ben Gadreault
  • Jordan Howell
  • Simon O’Connor
  • Shasha Panigra
  • Jack Reilly
  • Justin Sapienza (finalist)
  • Ethan Trautman
  • Gavin Trautman
  • Joseph Vitali (finalist)