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Columbia Science Olympiad

Columbia Science Olympiad wins 2017 Capital District Regional Championship: (L to R) Yang Yang, Peter Sergay, Albert Chang, Sam Koblensky, Sydney Sill, Fritz Howard, Sarina Xin, Will Grasso, Natasha Montiel, Haley D’Angelo, Allie Radin, Neil Laya, Abby Radin, Katie Grifferty and Elizabeth Vlieg.

For the past quarter century, Columbia High School has dominated the Capital District Regional Tournament. That success continued on Saturday when Columbia won its 24th regional championship in the last 25 years.

“Columbia Science Olympiad has a tradition of excellence,” said Head Coach Diana Prout. “The winning streak began in 1993, when Bill Clinton began his first term as president, Jurassic Park hit the box office and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston was the number one single.”

Columbia’s varsity team finished first in 18 of the 24 total events which test STEM topics such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering and mathematics.

By winning the regional tournament, Columbia advances to the state championship which will be held March 10-11 at Le Moyne College in Syracuse.

Columbia’s JV team also had performed well, finishing in fourth place overall.

Individual Medalists

Anatomy and Physiology
1st Place:  Sarina Xin and Allie Radin

3rd Place:  Neil Laya and Katie Grifferty

Chemistry Lab
2nd Place:  Will Grasso and Natasha Montiel
3rd Place:  Megan Fey and Cameron Plowinske

Disease Detective 
1st Place:  Yang Yang and Abby Radin
6th Place:  Kate Burns and Ryan Wei

Dynamic Planet
1st Place:  Katie Grifferty and Fritz Howard
4th Place:  Cameron Plowinske and Kate Burns

1st Place:  Haley D’Angelo and Fritz Howard

Electric Vehicle
1st Place:  Neil Laya and Abby Radin

Experimental Design
1st Place:  Haley D’Angelo, Albert Chang and Abby Radin
5th Place:  Megan Fey, Morgan Childs and Cameron Plowinske

Fermi Questions
3rd Place:  Peter Sergay and Sydney Sill
5th Place:  Connor Roisman and Adam DiCesare

2nd Place:  Natasha Montiel and Yang Yang

1st Place:  Allie Radin, Haley D’Angelo and Elizabeth Vlieg
3rd Place:  Brian Davis and Avi Mukherjee

1st Place:  Neil Laya and Elizabeth Vlieg
2nd Place:  Kelly Nagel and Cameron Plowinske

1st Place:  Sam Koblensky and Peter Sergay

1st Place:  Katie Grifferty and Natasha Montiel
5th Place:  Kate Burns and Kelly Nagel

Invasive Species
1st Place:  Elizabeth Vlieg and Allie Radin

Material Science
1st Place:  Albert Chang and Peter Sergay
6th Place:  Brian Davis and Ryan Doyle

Microbe Mission
1st Place:  Yang Yang and Abby Radin

1st Place:  Will Grasso and Sam Koblensky
6th Place:  Kelly Nagel and Connor Roisman

Remote Sensing
1st Place:  Sydney Sill and Will Grasso
4th Place:  Alex Bellisario and Adam DiCesare

Robot Arm
5th Place:  George Culver and Connor Roisman

Rocks and Minerals
1st Place:  Elizabeth Vlieg and Sydney Sill
3rd Place:  Ryan Doyle and Brian Davis

5th Place:  Morgan Childs and Ryan Wei

Wind Power
1st Place:   Sam Koblensky and Katie Grifferty

Write It / Do It
1st Place:  Allie Radin and Haley D’Angelo
2nd Place:  Morgan Childs and Alex Bellisario