2022-23 School Year

The East Greenbush CSD is excited to welcome all students back to school on Tuesday, September 6.

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Yoga classColumbia students simultaneously raised their arms and lifted one leg off the ground as they performed yoga in Columbia’s wrestling room. The activity, which improves flexibility, balance and focus, is being offered in all Physical Education classes this week and is instructed by Tess Bertrand from The Hot Yoga Spot.

Students are learning “vinyasa” which is the most common form of yoga. Vinyasa includes a flow of various poses to match up with the human breathing patterns. Each sequence is unique and can be altered in many different ways.

Other benefits of yoga include improved blood flow, posture, sleep quality and self-confidence.

“We’re excited to offer yoga in class because it teaches our students a lifelong activity with many health benefits,” said Physical Education department chair Chris Hosley.