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Alina Deyette with her class

Alina Deyette with her class and officers from the East Greenbush Police Department (courtesy Ray Diaz)

Red Mill Elementary School and the local community have come together in support of a third grader who has been out sick for the past two months. Alina Deyette was recently diagnosed with Transverse Myletis, a neurological disorder that affects the spinal cord.

Red Mill students have rallied around Alina, especially in her class.

“Our kids and I are heartbroken for Alina and her family,” said Alina’s teacher Raj Harde. “Her desk may have been empty but it quickly became covered in cards and pictures showcasing the level of support and closeness this community has for its own. We’re all looking forward to Alina’s return!”

Alina Deyette

Alina Deyette visits with EGPD officers (courtesy Ray Diaz)

The surrounding community has also helped out.

The East Greenbush Police Department union held a fundraiser to help Alina’s family, donating $500 to the Deyette Fund and delivering t-shirts to Red Mill for students to wear.

Other fundraisers have included a bicycle raffle at school which raised $1,000 and a ziti dinner at St. Mary’s Church this past weekend which raised $5,700.

Alina’s mother said that her family is “so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, and care that has been shown by our community.”