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The first day of school for students will be Tuesday, September 6.

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Seniors Anna Sesonske and Yang Yang highlighted the 2017 Columbian Awards on Thursday as they were named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Both students have had accomplished high school careers, including weighted GPAs over 100.

Ms. Sesonske will attend Vassar College in the fall where she will major in Chemistry. She participates in a variety of activities, including Math League and Once Upon a Stage at Columbia and dance as part of the Isabella School of Dance Competition Team.

Mr. Yang will attend SUNY Stony Brook in the fall where he will major in Computer Science. He is a proud member of Math League, National Honor Society and the Science Olympiad team, which has qualified for four consecutive national championships.

More than 130 awards were handed out to students in a two part ceremony – one during school and one in the evening – for excellence in academic subject areas, performing arts, athletics, clubs and service.

The morning ceremony began with a special moment as Principal John Sawchuk presented Cameron Newman ’17 with the Principal’s Award for Courage. Mr. Newman has battled a brain tumor since August 2015, going through surgery and cancer treatments, all while maintaining his school work. He will graduate with his classmates later this month.


Columbian Day Awards

Principal’s Award for Courage  

Cameron Newman


Art Department Award for Excellence
To the students who have demonstrated consummate skill in art and a strong sense of community spirit.
Catherine Blakeman-Mcclain

Kayla Dethomasis

Jessica Finn

Jenna Hoggan

Emily Kane

Ian Knapp

Meghan McKosky

Serenity Miller

Christina Schillinger

Olivia Shaffer

Riley Shannon

AAA (Hudson Valley) Driver Education Award
Presented to an outstanding Driver Education student who distinguishes themselves in the skills and attitudes that make a safe driver. 
Matthew LaHera

Caitlin Lallier

Edward L. Witko Scholarship
Edward Witko lived for his family, friends and chosen profession.  In his ten year career in law enforcement, he served with honesty, integrity and loyalty and was admired by all.  He trained with an intensity that gave all who knew him comfort in knowing that he was part of us.  In August of 2010, Officer Edward L. Witko died tragically while participating in a motorcycle benefit run for Combat Veterans.  This scholarship will be dedicated to the memory of Edward Witko, #29.
Bridget Austin
Perfect Attendance
Perfect Attendance – All Four Years of High School
Jada Alcindor

Gabriel Gibney

William Grasso

Alexis Mastan

Hunter Lane

Laura Oliver

Outstanding Key Clubber Award
In recognition of your enthusiastic commitment to Key Club.
J Wargacki
The Key Club Award
In recognition of your dedication to Key Club during your high school career.
Nicole Presti
Peer Leadership
Awarded to a senior who has displayed exceptional leadership qualities in club functions and meetings.
Marissa Hochberg
“Labyrinth” Awards for Excellence in Literary Writing
Pleasing Poetry Award: Nicole Presti
Amazing Art Award: Alaaya Patterson
Devil’s Advocate Awards of Recognition 
Outstanding Service: Contributing Editor  Gianna Fiacco

Anastacia Lewandusky

Emma Letzelter

Future Contributing Editor  Leif Haley
Award of Appreciation Cheyenne Lentz

Lenah Midani

Excellence in Journalism/Outstanding Service for Layout and Design Emily Olds
Excellence in Journalism/Contributing Writer  Lauren Murtagh
Literacy Achievement Award
This award recognizes a junior or senior student who has consistently demonstrated commitment, perseverance, attendance and outstanding achievement in the Literacy Lab.
Shane Winnie
Harvard University Book Award
Presented to a junior boy or girl who has achieved excellence in academic studies while participating in worthwhile extracurricular activities.
Olivia Lopez
Smith College Book Award
Given by The Smith College Club of Albany to an outstanding junior who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership qualities and concern for others.
Kristin Nadareski
Williams College Book Award
To a junior in the top 5% of his or her class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extra-curricular life of the school.
 Lillian Hutton
Elmira College Key Award
Awarded to a junior in recognition of high school achievement, leadership, citizenship and participation in extracurricular activities.
Morgan Jones
Hudson Valley Community College Book Award
Recipient is chosen because of his hard work and individuality. 
Richard Jablonski
The Award for a Commitment to Advancement in English Language Arts
Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a concerted effort in all English Classes and has shown significant advancement in reading, writing and analytical skills.  
Maria Sabo
The Traditions of Drama Award
Awarded to a senior who has contributed significantly to an understanding of a love for dramatic works within our school and/or community.  
Justin Burdick
English Department Distinguished Scholar Award
Awarded to the senior who has consistently demonstrated a passion for the English Language and achieved excellence within English studies for four years.
Emma Letzelter
Student Sage College Scholarship
Awarded to two juniors who exhibit characteristics of academic excellence, student leadership and community involvement.
Jennifer Fish

Srinidhi Tata

St. Michael’s College Book Award
This is awarded to students who exhibit the characteristics of an ideal St. Michael student, based specifically on achievement in academics and community service.  One to the top junior male and female student who have taken on leadership roles within their community service endeavors.
Alyssa Ciccarelli

Peter Sergay


Foreign Language Department Awards
This award recognizes academic achievement in the study of a foreign language.
Highest Achievement in French Anna Sesonske
Highest Achievement in German Emma Meyer
Highest Achievement in Spanish Allison Puglisi
Foreign Language Department Awards
This award recognizes effort, commitment and enthusiasm to the study of a foreign language.
Prize for French Studies Jenna Hoggan
Germania Hall Award of Excellence Emma Meyer
Prize for Hispanic Studies Hope Dedrick
German Ambassador/GAPP Award
Student who most embodies characteristics of a good ambassador:  A kind, responsive leader who is knowledgeable about the German language and culture.
Jared Giordano
Faculty Consideration
This award is presented to the most considerate senior in the graduating class.
Abhijeet Gudapati
Faculty Service Award
Awarded to the student who has shown significant assistance to Columbia staff.
Madison Mahar
Clarkson University High School Awards 
Presented to members of the junior class who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and have made positive contributions to both school and community.  They will qualify for a tuition scholarship should they choose to enroll at Clarkson University. 
Leadership Award Katherine Hayes
Achievement Award Raymond Borst
Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award
Each year a distinguished group of students are selected and recognized by Wells College for their leadership ability, community involvement and academic excellence.  This award honors commitment to academics and student leadership.  This program is designed to honor these students who embody the spirit, integrity and intellectual qualities of a strong leader.
Lillian Hutton
Curtis Lumber Award
To a senior pursuing a career in the building/architectural field with an average of B+ or better.
Jenna Hoggan
Business and Marketing Honor Society Award Inductees
The following students have demonstrated high academic achievement in business courses. In addition, these students have proven good character, leadership, and service in business education.
Danielle Dinovo

Miraj Patel

Kayla Scott

Daniel Watson

SRP Outstanding Business Student Award
Given to a senior business student who has excelled in Business education in memory of all departed members of the East Greenbush School Related Personnel support staff.
Miraj Patel

Kayla Scott

Dignum and Bame Insurance Agency Awards for Excellence in the Field of Business
Presented to three Business Education students for their outstanding achievements in the fields of Accounting, Marketing and Computer Technology.



Excellence in Accounting Olivia Massey
Excellence in Marketing Caroline Hirt
Excellence in Computer Technology  Justin Hammill
Columbia High School Future Business Leaders of America Leadership Award
Awarded to two students who have been active participants in Columbia’s chapter of FBLA. They have successfully led the members  to reach the goals of this National Organization.
Julia Connor

Alexandra Syrotynski

BlueShield Scholar
For pursuing studies in health or human services and representing BlueShield of NENY core values:  teamwork, integrity, passion, personal responsibility, excellence and respect. 
William Grasso
Cynthia A. Engel Scholarship
(Rensselaer County Women’s Republican Club)
Presented to a creative student in good academic standing whom has an interest in pursuing a career in journalism or an art college. 
Meghan McKosky
New York State Capital District Society of Women Engineers
For achievement in mathematics and science for engineering inspiration.
Katherine Hayes

Kristin Nadareski

NYS Mathematics League Award for Excellence
Columbia High School has participated in the NYS Mathematics League for more than 25 years.  There are six contests during the school year which draw problems from a wide range of high school topics.  Out of more than 140 Columbia students who participated, this student achieved the highest score.
Connor Roizman
RPI Math/Science Award for Excellence
To recognize the superlative academic achievement of young men and women as well as promising juniors who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science.
Connor Roizman

Science Department Awards


Earth Science Award Ryan Allen

Taylor Demers

Environmental Award Haley D’Angelo
Biology Award Owen Ball

Nina Tedeschi

Chemistry Award Samuel Koblensky

Sydney Sill

Physics Award William Grasso

Katelin Grifferty

Cumulative Excellence in Science  William Grasso
Forensics Ethan Dellert
Science Research
A three year course which by the end, students must create and perform in an authentic research experiment under the direction of a supervising scientist.  A rigorous program which requires time management skills, presentation and writing skills, and research skills in both publication format to develop the experimental question and original hypothesis and also in a laboratory setting.  The following five seniors have stood the test of time and completed the three year program in grand fashion 
“The Genetics of The Autism Spectrum Disorder: Exploration of NR3C2” Megan Fey
“The Effect of Classical Music on Anxiety Levels in High School Students in Three Different  Levels of Chemistry”  Nafisul Ghani
“The Optimal Vertical Placement of Reinforcement in Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls”  Henry Klee
“The Impact of Dog Ownership on Self-Concept”  Allison Puglisi
“Actual Impairment vs Perceived Impairment in 3 Cognitive Constructs Following a Concussion” Aric Sanchez
Musical Theatre Awards Columbia Players
Best Actor Ethan Ploss
Best Actress Olivia Lopez
Best Supporting Actor Tyler Nolan
Best Supporting Actress Laura Haney
SCTA Scholarship
Each year the South Colonie Teachers’ Association awards a scholarship to a member’s child based on academic achievement, volunteer service and an essay. 
Davis Kakely
US Air Force Excellence in Math and Science Award
Freshman Nina Tedeschi
Sophomore Samuel Koblensky
Junior Tyler Piel
Senior Katelin Grifferty
St. Lawrence University Book Award
Awarded to a high school junior who has displayed a significant commitment to community service.
Logan Caola
Lawrence Technological University Award for Excellence in Science and Math
Presented to a high school junior who has at least one year of chemistry or physics and two years of college preparatory math courses by June 21.  This student also must be an active and responsible citizen of the school and community.
Bobby Fredericks
RIT Creativity and Innovation Award
This award recognizes high school juniors who have distinguished themselves academically, are active and involved members of their school and community, and demonstrate outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship.
Heather Aiken

Bryan Serian

RIT Computing Medal Award
This award recognizes high school juniors who have distinguished themselves academically, are active and involved members of their school and community and demonstrates interest and ability in computing. 
Alexandra Bellisario

Ryan Sousis

Capital District School Boards Association Annual Student Volunteer Community Service Award
Presented in appreciation for the many hours of community service you performed.
Devin  Neal
PTSO Award
Outstanding Students
Kody Huffer

Kaitlyn Lavare

Katelyn Zach

Operation Graduation Best Citizenship Alyssa Burl

Arthur Chamberlin

Operation Graduation Exceptional Attendance Aidan Selzer

Nicholas Schultz

Operation Graduation Award for Kindness and Compassion Kayla Fallon

Kierstyn Lavare

Operation Graduation Award for Most Improved Gerald Andrews

Anthony Adriance

Christopher McAfee Memorial Scholarship
Given to a student who will attend college who has an outgoing personality and a drive to succeed in all of life’s ventures and challenges.
Emily Cuttler
Student Council Leadership Award
Presented to a Student Council member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership for all four years of high school.
Gianna Fiacco
Student Council Advisor’s Award
Presented to an active Student Council member who has not held an elected position but has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to the school community above and beyond her peers.
Olivia Godell
Red Cross Community Service Award
Presented to a student member of the blood drive recruitment team for his or her dedication and hard work in assisting Columbia with its blood drive goal for the 2016-17 school year.
Nicole Presti

Bryan Serian

Jessica Winter

Ethnic Coalition Inclusion Award
Presented to a senior who demonstrates an overwhelming desire to promote equality, acceptance and respect for all within our school community.
Jared Milford
Daughters of the American Revolution Award
This award is presented for achievement in American History.
Daniel Grifferty
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award
To a student who possesses an outstanding degree of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism.
Emma Meyer
Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award (Xerox)
Awarded to a student who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues as well as showing leadership and a dedication to community action.  Strong grades and rigorous courses taken throughout their years in the humanities and social sciences.
Natasha Montiel
Len Michon Memorial Social Studies Department Award
Honors the memory of Leonard Michon who was a beloved teacher and Supervisor of Social Studies in East Greenbush for many years.  Given to the student who has demonstrated outstanding character, scholarship, leadership and service.
Emma Meyer
Mayflower Award
Awarded to two students who have demonstrated proficiency in the study of U.S. History and understanding of its Constitution.
Anna Sesonske

Yang Yang

Schodack Republican Club Award
Given to a Schodack student who has demonstrated an appreciation of the principles of government and citizenship from the studying of social studies.
Christopher Hayes
Principal’s Leadership Award
Awarded to students the Principal recognizes for outstanding community service and leadership throughout their years at Columbia.          
Asia Cornwall
Salutatorian      Yang Yang
Valedictorian         Anna Sesonske

Columbian Evening Awards

Board of Education Pepsi Awards
Seniors demonstrating academic excellence and exemplary citizenship in the high school community and who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education in one of the designated areas.
Mathematics/Science Sarina Xin
Art/Fine Arts Bridget Maloney
Career and Technical Education/Business Dylan Dubuque
Social Studies/English Language Arts Margaret Dickson
CAP/Operation Graduation Programs Kacie Cooper
NYS Comptroller Achievement Award
Student who has excelled academically and shown leadership potential by volunteering time to serve the school or community.
Marissa Hochberg
Mr. Terrance L. Brewer Scholarship Award
In recognition for promoting tolerance, endorsing diversity and demonstrating friendship to a fellow student in a recognized and responsible manner.
Joseph Blackburn
NYS Attorney General Triple “C” Awards
Recognizes students who, by their character, courage and commitment, reflect the highest values in their school and the community.
Marissa Hochberg

Tucker Zwanka

EGCSD Education Foundation Awards Henry Klee

Kelsey O’Brien

Live Outstanding and Achieve Fearlessly – LOAF
Nathan Terry is a loveable, energetic and fun old boy who happens to have Down syndrome.  He has been receiving therapy services since 5-weeks old, so we have the utmost respect and admiration for all the amazing people who have helped and supported him along his journey.  Without the unconditional love and support of those who enter into the world of special needs, life for Nathan and so many others would be very different.  Therefore, we wanted to honor his ‘A-Team’ of specialists and all those with the compassion and drive to help families/children with special needs by creating this award.
Theresa Mulvey
Erin Elizabeth Nero Columbia Cheerleading Memorial Scholarship
A senior varsity cheerleader(s) who exemplifies spirit, caring, a positive attitude and community service.  Someone who demonstrates good sportsmanship and moral character and serves as a positive role model for peers.
Zachary Godfrey

Katherine Ralicki

Julie K. Frezon Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a senior female in good academic standing, pursuing an education in the field of math or science. Must be well rounded, participate in athletics, performing arts, community service and/or any activity that demonstrates her diverse interests.
Emma Meyer
Alan G. Hall Outstanding Business Leader Award
Presented to a senior who demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, motivation to excel, personal integrity, compassion for others, and a strong interest in business or science.
Bridget Maloney
Christopher Bascom Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2004 to commemorate Christopher’s life that was taken away so tragically by a hit and run driver.  To honor and perpetuate Christopher’s memory, financial assistance will be awarded to deserving seniors who possess and exhibit many of the same qualities that made Chris such a special and fine young man.  His spirit, which truly defined him, was his compassion and willingness to help others; his enthusiasm, delightful sense of humor and fun loving personality; his motivation that brought out the best in others; his love of history and great interest in sports and most importantly his loyalty, love and devotion to his family and friends.
Justin Burdick

Margaret Dickson

Grace A. Maney Scholarship
Honoring a senior who exemplifies kindness to others on a daily basis and is a positive role model and mentor to his peers.
Joshua McCaffrey
Timothy J. Murphy Foundation Scholarship
Awarded to a senior who is either a child or grandchild of a public safety officer or a senior pursuing a career in law enforcement in honor of Police Detective Timothy J. Murphy of the Albany Police Department.
Devin Neal
The Peter MacKay Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a student who possesses kindness, courage and a strong desire to help others.
Theresa Mulvey
American Legion School Award Medal Melvin Roads Post #1231
Senior boy and girl who are outstanding in qualities of honor, courage, scholarship, leadership, and service.
Margaret Dickson

Cameron Newman

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award Suzanne Clarke

Joshua Fredericks

US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award Jesse Nelson
US Marine Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Gabriel Gibney
Columbia Tae Kwon Do – Community Impact Award
Awarded to the graduating senior in recognition of their excellence in community service and being a positive role model.
Evan Williams
Bianco Family Award
The Bianco Family will award one scholarship to a Columbia High School graduating senior who has participated on the Varsity Cross Country, Indoor Track and/or Outdoor Track Teams that best exemplifies the all-around student athlete.
MaryRose Patwell
Dr. Lori A. Farnan Award
Presented to a senior who plans on entering the field of medicine and who has displayed exceptional academic ability and community service.
Yang Yang
Van Rensselaer Star Chapter No. 256 Order of the Eastern Star State of NY
Awarded to a senior girl who exhibits charity, truth and loving kindness. 
Zeshma Sadiq
Amato Wealth Management Science Award
Presented to the Junior or Senior who is a leader in the Science Olympiad team and/or in Science Research.
Sarina Xin
Upstate NY Hosta Society Scholarship Award
A scholarship awarded to a local graduate majoring in a field of Environmental/Biological Science given by the Upstate NY Hosta Society which is a local Garden Group sharing their love for the perennial plant known as Hosta.
Bridget Maloney
Julia O. Wells Memorial Award
The Foundation offers a monetary award to be given to a senior who plans to pursue a career in professional nursing and has participated in school activities.
Laura Rentz
Walter J. Frietag Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student accepted to a college and major in an engineering field, who demonstrates high academic achievement, exhibits community involvement/volunteerism and is civic-minded.
Julia Connor
VFW Post #7338 Award
Awarded to a senior who demonstrates excellence in the patriotic principles of the VFW; leadership and love of country.
Gianna Fiacco
National School Choral Award
Given to the senior who has shown outstanding performance and commitment to the chorus.
Ashley Meyer

Emma Meyer

Thomas O’Carroll

John Philip Sousa Band Award
For over forty-five years, thousands of US high schools have chosen this award to honor their most deserving senior band student.  The Sousa Award recognizes superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty and cooperation; qualities that directors strive to develop in all students.
Margaret Dickson
Justin Russell Memorial Jazz Award
This award is given in the memory of a Jazz Band student who died in an alcohol-related incident and is given to the senior who best demonstrates the spirit that was Justin Russell – enthusiasm, dedication and a love for playing.
Bryan Edwards
East Greenbush Friends of Music Association
2017 Music Enrichment Award – Jazz
Ron Bernhaut
Music Education Scholarship
Awarded to a Columbia High School student who is pursuing a degree in music education in college.
Cameron Newman
East Greenbush Friends of Music Association
2017 Music Enrichment Award – Orchestra
Sarina Xin
National School Orchestra Award
Given to the senior who has shown outstanding performance and commitment to the orchestra.
Kaitlyn Evensen

Steve Ramsingh

Eastman Award
The Eastman Award recognizes a high school junior who has demonstrated superior musicianship on his or her instrument and has contributed positively to the school musical environment.
Brandon Kulzer
Bausch and Lomb Medal for Excellence
Presented to a student who, at the end of their junior year, has obtained the highest academic average in the sciences.
Veda Sripada
Christine Wurstlin, M.D.  Memorial Science Award
Presented to a student who has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the field of science and has demonstrated exceptional scientific curiosity or potential.
Yang Yang
Wurstlin Family Memorial Science Award
Awarded to a sophomore who has maintained a strong academic record in the sciences during the first two years of high school.
Samuel Koblensky
National Merit Scholarship Program
Awarded to a student who has advanced to finalist standing in the National Merit Scholarship Program of 2017 by demonstrating through distinguished performance high potential for future academic accomplishment.
Aric Sanchez

Yang Yang

Jean M. Tracy Memorial English Department Award for Excellence
To a senior who has consistently demonstrated excellence in English expression combined with a deep respect for the traditions of literature.
Gianna Fiacco
Susan Smetana Award
Awarded to an English 9R or 11R student who demonstrated high academic standards and a strong background in community service.
Nikhil Bhat
George Eastman Young Leaders Award  
Awarded to the student who has shown strong leadership, high grades with challenging courses and extensive involvement in extra-curricular activities.  The award recognizes future leaders who may have an impact on our world.
Lillian Hutton
East Greenbush Teacher’s Association Awards
4 year – Student enrolled in a 4 year program leading to a teaching certificate Kelsey Hall
2 year – Student enrolled in a 2 year program leading to an associates degree Jennah N. Hogan
School Systems Federal Credit Union Community Service Award
Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a continued commitment to community service.
Cameron Newman
Theodore A. Romanowski Memorial Award
Presented to a senior who was a member of a Columbia High School Athletic Team as well as maintained a strong academic record, demonstrated leadership, service to others and exhibited a strong work ethic.
Joseph Blackburn
All Sports Club Scholarship
Awarded to two deserving seniors based on athletic and extracurricular activities in school and the community.
Haley D’Angelo

Dylan Dubuque

Nicholas Budnowski Memorial Scholarship Award
Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated strong academic records, was a member of a CHS athletic team and demonstrated good sportsmanship and moral character who served as a positive role model for his/her peers.
John Devine
Coaches Versatility Award
Awarded to a senior boy and girl who have participated in three different interscholastic sports prior to their junior year and also participated in three different sports during the same year for at least two years, one of which was in the athlete’s senior year.
Asia Cornwall

John Patwell

Robert D. Chipp Memorial Award
Established by the students of CHS after the tragic death of Robert Chipp, who would have graduated with the class of 1950.  The student who has demonstrated outstanding athletic performance as well as practiced good school citizenship.
Suzanne Clarke

John Devine

Edith Cosgrove Award
To the girl who earned the most varsity letters during her four years at CHS.
Asia Cornwall
Stuart L. Pitcher Memorial Award
Presented to an athlete who exemplifies a positive attitude and spirit, sense of fairness, generosity and caring as well as performs community service.
Haley D’Angelo
Manton Spaulding Award
Presented to the senior boy who earned the most varsity letters during his four years at CHS.
John Patwell
David Sweet Memorial Award
Awarded to a boy and girl who have given the most of themselves and used their given talents to the fullest.  It is given to athletes whose presence has helped the team in practice and games.  Not necessarily the best player, but the one who gives everything they have.  A morale booster, a team player and the type of athlete you would like to have more of.
Dylan Dubuque

Selena Lott

Robert J. Smith Scholarship
Mr. Robert J. Smith was a teacher, coach, Athletic Director and motivator for the East Greenbush Central School District.  He overcame a brain tumor and returned to a successful career in the E.G.C.S.D.  Mr. Smith was a true inspiration for hope, courage and determination.
Katherine Ralicki
Knights of Pythias Award
Albany City Lodge No. 540 Knights of Pythias Achievement Award presented for extra-curricular activities and/or community endeavors.
Kayla Fallon
Shirley Kelly Scholarship Fund
Conceived in 1997 to honor the 80th birthday of Shirley Kelly to be presented to a student pursuing a career in elementary education with the goal of continuing the important presence of excellence in the classroom.
Lawren Masters
Xerox Award – Rochester University Technology
Presented to a member of the junior class who shares in the pursuit of innovative approaches and appreciation for the possibilities of technology.
Pierce Hurd
Rotary Club Citizenship Award
Awarded to a student who excelled academically and volunteered in the community.
Marissa Hochberg

Tucker Zwanka

Times Union Scholars Recognition Program
Honors outstanding scholastic achievement by members of the graduating class of schools in the Capital District.  The program also honors those teachers nominated by each student scholar for having had a significant and beneficial influence on his or her education.
Sarina Xin

Yang Yang