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New staffEast Greenbush Central School District would like to welcome all of our new teachers and staff. We hope you have a wonderful year!

  • Alycia Appelbaum, Special Education, DPS
  • Amy Baker, Grade 1, Green Meadow
  • Lindsey Bernard, Grade 5, Bell Top
  • Grace Cady, Reading, Genet
  • Julianna Caporta, Special Education, Green Meadow
  • Sarah Collier, Teaching Assistant, Green Meadow
  • Ashley Cunningham, Special Education, Red Mill
  • Kathleen Dunn, Teaching Assistant, Bell Top
  • Sarah Garno, Library Media Specialist, Columbia/Genet/Red Mill
  • Daniel Gildart, Grade 2, Red Mill
  • Jarod Grieco, Music, Goff
  • Elizabeth Griffin, Library Media Specialist, Columbia/Genet
  • Kara Horton, Special Education, Red Mill
  • Dana Kelley, Teaching Assistant, Green Meadow
  • Scott LaMora, Special Education, Goff
  • Stephanie Marois, Social Worker/Counselor, Columbia/Bell Top
  • Marna Meltzer-McMorris, Spanish, Columbia/Goff
  • Danielle Paske, Teaching Assistant, Genet
  • Brittany Perrin, Business, Columbia
  • Karli Powers, Art, Green Meadow/Bell Top
  • Elyse Reynolds, Teaching Assistant, DPS
  • Gabriella Sacks, Typist, Goff Guidance
  • Laura Schlegel, Library Media Specialist, Bell Top
  • Joanne Veglia, German, Columbia