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A student solves a math problem on a smart board.As part of the district’s ongoing curriculum review process, teachers gather during the summer to write new curriculum or make updates to existing curriculum to meet the needs of all students.

Here’s a look at a few of this summer’s curriculum writing projects, which included English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology, Career and Technical Education and Digital Literacy.

K-5 Assessment Writing
A group of K-5 teachers worked with CASDA to develop four benchmark assessments – two for ELA and two for math – for each grade level. Each benchmark is aligned to NYS Learning Standards and East Greenbush curriculum maps that continue to be developed. The assessments were created in order to develop a deeper understanding of our curriculum maps and the data that will be collected from the assessments will be used to drive classroom instruction and the continual development of our curriculum maps. The data will also be used to determine any gaps within our instruction and areas that have been successfully achieved by our students.

Grade 7 1-to-1 Technology Initiative in Social Studies
Over the summer, the 7th grade teachers updated and enhanced the current social studies curriculum to integrate this 1:1 hybrid device program with the C3 framework. Chromebooks will be provided to each social studies teacher permitting every student to have immediate access to the most current and relevant information. The students will be able to use their devices and vast amounts of online information to collaborate, solve compelling questions and share their learning. This hands-on use of technology is expected to improve student engagement, attentiveness and learning.

Engineering by Design
Goff technology teachers developed an Engineering by Design course for 6th graders with supplemental curriculum in coding and robotics. Students will study the scope of technology and the impacts on society. They will learn the core concepts of engineering and understand how criteria, constraints and processes affect many aspects of design and problem solving. This evolving program, which is aligned to standards from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, allows for growth within the curriculum and is more aligned to the high school technology curriculum.

Intro to CTE – Home and Careers
This curriculum has been written with a focus of a 21st century education; with specific attention on Career and Technical Education, preparing college- and career-ready graduates and aligning content with CTE courses at Columbia High School.

The focus has remained on hands-on, practical lessons which are the core of CTE classes, and help increase motivation and student performance. Curriculum modules include Human Development, Nutrition and Wellness, Clothing Management, Consumer Resource Management, Family and Parenting, Financial Management and Career Development.

K-12 Digital Literacy Curriculum
East Greenbush librarians constructed an ambitious Library Digital Literacy K-12 Curriculum. Addressing information literacy, keyboarding and other digital skills, this curriculum is a game plan for preparing the students of East Greenbush to be career- and college-ready by the time they graduate.

The library skills are aligned and integrated with the New York State Education Department Learning Standards, the International Society for Technology in Education, the Standards for the 21st Century Learner from the American Association of School Librarians, and the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum. Each of these standard-based skills will be reviewed and reinforced each year.

NYSED Business Pathway
Over the summer Columbia business teachers Katrina Gruet and Donna Shepardson began the process of creating a Business Pathway, which is a designation students would be able to earn on their diploma. They met to write and gather documents for the CTE Program Approval Process which is a self-study of the Business Program. Throughout this school year, they will continue to work on these documents and move forward to plan the External Review; Board of Education Approval; and NYS Education Department Review.