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The Goff Science Olympiad team won the Capital District Science Olympiad Regional Competition on Saturday, qualifying them to compete at the New York State Finals on April 13-14 in Syracuse.

Goff entered three teams into the competition and they placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd beating all other schools. The three teams combined to win 14 gold medals, 17 silver medals and seven bronze medals.

Since it is Olympic week, the Goff students celebrated by proudly wearing their medals to school.

“The coaches are very proud of all the students for their dedication to the team and all their hard work this season,” said head coach Donnamarie Vlieg.

Congratulations to the Goff Science Olympiad team members:

Ninth graders: Ekansh Agrawal, Nathan Beams, Heather Bryant,  Sophia Culver, Madeline Demers, Ben Gadreault, Julia Hawkins,  Elizabeth Kromer,  Krystal Li, Zackary Malmberg, Anthony Marino, Praaghya Meyyan, Robert Moore,  Maryia Sikirzhytskaya, Bailey Tator, Clara Xin

Eighth graders: Bridget Burns, Dominic Casale, Hubert Chang, Taylor Childs, Alicia Cioffi, Anthony Fisher, Anika Galkiewicz, Nathan Geng, Anna Hallock,  Nathan Haney, James Kennedy, Morgan McHugh,  Shashawat Panigrahi, Haley Prendergast, Qian Rappazzo,  Jack Reilly, Ashish Roddam, Maria Rybakov, Ryan Seely, Ethan Trautman, Gavin Trautman,  Gabe Tucker, Makenzie Wagner,  Steven Yang

Seventh graders: Ian Bellisario, Hariharan Conji, Harinisri Conji, Chris Eldred, Candice Espino, Maliha Ghani, Teddy Howard, Emily Koenig,  Alaina Marino, Akkhil Morkanda, Joanne Pole, Evan Witte