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Students build with Legos at Create and Discover after school program

Students build with Legos at Bell Top’s Create and Discover after school program.

Two dozen Bell Top students stayed after school on Thursday for the first meeting of Create and Discover, a new after school program with classes in Legos, Yoga and Zen Coloring. Fourth and fifth grade students were offered the opportunity to participate in these free classes to explore different subjects in a less structured and more relaxed environment with their friends from school.

Students at Zen coloring classCreate and Discover was modeled after existing programs from around the district, including Genet, Green Meadow and Red Mill.

“Bell Top’s all new Create and Discover after school program will allow for students to work in a more relaxed environment, free to explore, create and discover while interacting with a variety of resources and activities,” said Principal Martin Mahar, who teaches the Legos class.

Mr. Mahar plans to continue Create and Discover next year with a session in the late fall and another one in late winter.

“We hope to see this program grow over the years,” Mr. Mahar said. “It lends itself to students working together, and strengthening their social skills and friendships.”

Special thanks to the volunteer instructors who made this program possible.

Students at yoga classCreate and Discover Classes

  • Legos
    • Instructor: Mr. Mahar and Mrs. Valenti
    • Students explore building and engineering with various types of Legos.
  • Yoga
    • Instructor: Mrs. Gibbs
    • Students are safely led through yoga poses, relaxation practices and calming breath techniques.
  • Zen Coloring
    • Instructor: Mrs. Willis
    • Students discover the calming and relaxing practice of zen doodle coloring using specific coloring pages with mindful mandala designs.