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Student looks through kaleidoscopeStudents closed one eye and tilted their heads up toward the sky, looking into their homemade kaleidoscopes and witnessing beautiful colors and designs. All 420 students created their own kaleidoscopes in this school-wide project at Genet that brought together art and science.

The students used a variety of materials to decorate the outside of their Pringles cans. The inside of the kaleidoscopes were constructed using acetate sheets, cardboard and small colorful objects.

Students in K-2 made a simpler version than grades 3-5, but the overall results of all the kaleidoscopes were beautifully effective.

“Students did an amazing job and the results were awesome,” said art teacher Lisa Letourneau. “This was an enriching, rewarding and fun Makerspace project that integrated art and science, witnessing how color, light and reflection work together.”

Genet kindergarten with kaleidoscopes Kindergarten

Genet 1st grade class with kaleidoscopes1st Grade

2nd graders
2nd Grade

Genet 3rd grade class with kaleidoscopes3rd Grade

Genet 4th grade class with kaleidoscopes4th Grade

Genet 5th grade with kaleidoscopes5th Grade