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East Greenbush Central School District would like to welcome all of our new teachers and staff. We hope you have a wonderful year!

  • Kathleen Austin, Food Service, Columbia
  • Marissa Cannon, Director of Human Resources
  • Katherine Carlin, Special Education, Genet
  • Jennifer Carraher, ENL Teacher, Genet
  • Marie Chieco, Grade 1, Genet
  • Shawn Drago, Monitor, Green Meadow
  • Amy Dunaif, Art Teacher, Goff
  • Kelly Giagni, Grade 3, Genet
  • Jenna Horton, Special Education, DPS
  • Julia Keyoskey, Grade 6 AIS/Math Teacher, Goff
  • Zachary Kuhn, Teaching Assistant, Green Meadow
  • Ashleigh McCoy, Special Education, DPS
  • Dana Monk, Kindergarten, Bell Top
  • Jennifer LaRosa, Special Education, Red Mill
  • Denise Lyle, Occupational Therapist, District-wide
  • Lori Malone, Teaching Assistant, Genet
  • Mark Oliver, Teaching Assistant, Columbia
  • Michael Oliver, Senior Monitor, Goff
  • Margaret O’Connor, Library Media Specialist, Columbia/DPS
  • Tracy O’Neil, Grade 3, Bell Top
  • Kelly Panasci, Kindergarten Teacher, Green Meadow
  • Chantel Polarolo, Food Service, DPS
  • Natalie Puccio, Teaching Assistant, Columbia
  • Jennifer Reddy, Grade 2, DPS
  • Lori Robinson, Secretary, Human Resources
  • John Roddy, Social Studies, Columbia
  • Jayne Scanni, Teaching Assistant, DPS