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Security vestibuleAll parents and visitors will notice a new security procedure when school starts in September. Any visitor who enters an East Greenbush Central School District building will be asked by the reception area secretary to provide a valid state-issued license or military, law enforcement or government-issued identification.

The secretary will scan the identification and the software program Raptor Visitor Management System will instantaneously check the name on the driver’s license against a national database of registered sex offenders. Once entry is approved, Raptor will issue a visitor badge that identifies the visitor, the date and the purpose of the visit. Visitors will be required to check-out in the same location before leaving school.

This new policy will allow district staff to accurately determine who is in the school at any given time and support the district’s continued efforts to ensure the safety of children, staff and visitors.

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Q&A: Raptor Visitor Management System

What forms of photo ID will be accepted?
A valid state-issued license or a military, law enforcement or government-issued identification.

Do I need ID if I’m dropping something off and do not need to enter school?
No. If you are dropping something off, for example, your child’s lunch or school work, you can leave it with the reception area secretary.

What if I don’t have a driver’s license?
If proper identification is not provided, entry to the school building will be prohibited. However, denial of entry into a school does not mean that parents, guardians or other adults authorized to pick children up will be prohibited from doing so. Students may be picked up by an adult without the proper identification as long as they have been previously authorized and their name is on file with the school.

How long will the process take?
Scanning of an ID only takes a few moments, however, we appreciate your patience as school staff fully implement this new system at the beginning of the school year.