Update for Columbia Graduation and Goff Elevation Celebration

In response to further changes to New York State guidelines for outdoor gatherings announced earlier this week, Columbia High School has consolidated its three graduation ceremonies and will instead host one graduation for the Class of 2021 on Friday, June 25 on the CHS turf field at 4:00 p.m. Howard L. Goff Middle School will follow the plan for Columbia Graduation and also host one Elevation Celebration for all 8th grade students on Thursday, June 24 at 4:00 p.m. on the CHS turf field. Each student may be joined by up to four guests.

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Columbia High School celebrated its October Students of the Month on Thursday morning. Each student winner was nominated by a teacher or staff member for various categories such as Academics, Citizenship and Improvement.

Brenna Sambrook - Student of the MonthBrenna Sambrook (Grade 9)
Nominated by S. Rockwell for Citizenship

Maryia Sikirzhytskaya - Student of the MonthMaryia Sikirzhytskaya (Grade 10)
Nominated by R. Williams for Academics

Anthony Nappi - Student of the MonthAnthony Nappi (Grade 10)
Nominated by S. Rockwell for Academics

Serena Iacopelli - Student of the MonthSerena Iacopelli (Grade 11)
Nominated by CAP Staff for Academics & Most Improved

Sarah Hazzard - Student of the MonthSarah Hazzard (Grade 12)
Nominated by H. Gleason for Academics & Citizenship