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Administrators at Howard L. Goff Middle School announced the December Students of the Month on Thursday morning. Students were nominated by teachers for displaying compassion. Congratulations!

Goff 6th Grade Students of the Month6th Grade

  • Paul Acker
  • Kara Barcher
  • Adam Bell
  • Madelyne Brehm
  • Kole Hardy
  • Douglas Hart
  • Jocelyn Falaro-Doss
  • Lucia Soliman

Goff 7th Grade Students of the Month 7th Grade

  • Emily Brown
  • Ella Buff
  • Roan Butterfield
  • Luke Cioffi
  • Corey Hamilton
  • TK Kerber
  • Carmeliss Sotomayor Garcia
  • Drea VanVranken

Goff 8th Grade Students of the Month 8th Grade

  • Zack Alber
  • Kyle Blake
  • Sean-Paul Charland
  • Emily Koenig
  • Korin Laurilla
  • Melena McDonald
  • Brendan McKenna
  • Summer Polarolo
  • Bella Rexius
  • Mylah Rosbozom
  • Justine Senecal