Food for Families Program

The East Greenbush CSD operates a Food for Families Program that provides FREE FOOD to families in need. Boxes of food are packed regularly with a variety of grocery items and then distributed in a confidential process. If your family is in need of some extra support with food, please reach out to Audra Di Bacco at 518-207-2028 or We also accept food donations to help supply this program. If you would like to donate, please contact Audra Di Bacco.

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East Greenbush Central School District has scheduled two additional evening workshops for parents this school year to continue discussions on specific topics that impact families. The two new workshops are “10 Ways to Raise a Resilient Child” and “Let’s Get Organized.” Both workshops are free to attend and they will be led by Dr. Jennifer Bashant, a social worker and education trainer from Building Better Futures.

The district has already hosted two evening parent workshops this school year. One focused on moderating technology at home and the other addressed anxiety in children. Both sessions were well attended and had positive feedback from parents, leading district administrators to offer additional workshops.

“The parent and community sessions that we have hosted this year address common challenges that we all face to some degree as parents and educators,” said Assistant Superintendent James McHugh. “As a school district we realize that it requires a school and community working together for the betterment of our children. These two additional sessions cover topics such as, managing stress, dealing with the inevitable failures that are simply part of life, organization and responsibility.”

The next parent workshop is “Mindfulness at Home” and is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the Columbia High School auditorium.

10 Ways to Raise a Resilient Child
Tuesday, March 19
7:00-8:00 p.m.
Columbia High School Auditorium
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You are probably familiar with the term “helicopter parenting,” and you may know parents who give their children everything and make an effort to protect them from any pain. Although you know these extremes of parenting are not healthy, you may have wondered about exactly how to help your child to be more resilient, or to deal effectively with stress and be able to cope with everyday challenges, disappointment and adversity. This workshop will share ten strategies for developing resilience in your child.

Let’s Get Organized
Tuesday, April 2
7:00-8:00 p.m.
Columbia High School Auditorium
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Does your child struggle to meet deadlines and be on time? Constantly leave a trail of food every time he has a snack? Drop clothing on the floor as soon as she takes it off? Leave papers strewn everywhere with no systems for keeping track of them?

When these organizational skills are not developed to an age-appropriate level, being successful in school becomes a real challenge. Research indicates that these executive skills are the most important skills to have in order to succeed in school. During this workshop, we will share specific methods and strategies for helping your child get organized and stay organized in a way that works for him or her. You will leave with tools you can use at home with your child to help you teach these organizational skills.