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Administrators at Howard L. Goff Middle School announced the February Students of the Month on Wednesday morning. Students were nominated by teachers for showing integrity. Congratulations!

6th Grade Goff Students of the Month 6th Grade

  • Stacey Andres
  • Connor Baumeister
  • Sean Brooks
  • Quinlan Finnigan
  • Imara Green
  • Hailey Koshykar
  • Tessa Lewis
  • Shreya Malge
  • Taylor Prescott
  • Molly Sapienza

7th Grade Goff Students of the Month 7th Grade

  • Murtaz Ahmad
  • Shannon Breimer
  • Thomas Fey
  • Makayla Figgs
  • Anne Hall
  • Hailey Jakielaszek
  • Josh Mosher
  • Carter Norton
  • Zach Vumbaco

8th Grade Goff Students of the Month 8th Grade

  • Matthew Alaxanian
  • Joseph Bradt
  • Julianna Demers
  • Samantha Joseph
  • Mark Kamauff
  • Isaac Ladd
  • Jordyn Langlais
  • Tori Patrissy
  • Tanner Silvernell
  • Carolynn Whelpley