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Green Meadow Literacy Fair

Families visiting the Green Meadow Literacy Fair in the school gymnasium last week (courtesy Hitlin Photography).

Green Meadow hosted its 3rd annual Literacy Fair last week as students created posters, dioramas, games, original books and Google Slides presentations that were displayed in the school gymnasium. A new feature for this year’s event was the 3rd grade wax museum for which students dressed up like the person they researched, created a poster or presentation and delivered an autobiographical speech.

There was also a bookmark station, coordinated by the East Greenbush Community Library, where students could create their own original bookmarks.

“The Literacy Fair was a great opportunity for our students to showcase the great pieces of literature they read in a creative way,” said Principal Daniel Garab. “I appreciate the support of our PTO and staff to make this evening possible.”

The event was sponsored by the school library and the PTO, which provided books as raffle prizes.

“It was wonderful to see so many families, students, community and staff members come out to support literacy,” said Green Meadow Librarian Laura Wladarczyk. “I am so proud of our students’ hard work, creativity and enthusiasm for reading.”

Student with poster presentation

Student with poster presentation

Student with poster presentation

Student delivers speech as astronaut

Students dressed as historical figures