Goff Grade 6 Concert – Wednesday, December 8

The Goff Grade 6 Concert for Band, Chorus and Orchestra is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8 in the CHS Auditorium. Each student may have up to four guests attend the concert in person. All guests must wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status. The concert schedule includes: Blue Day Chorus (6:30 p.m.), White Day Band (6:45 p.m.), Orchestra (7:10 p.m.), Blue Day Band (7:30 p.m.), White Day Chorus (7:45 p.m.). All start times are approximate. Watch live stream: https://youtu.be/pyjnJB-OXUM

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The East Greenbush Central School District is committed to providing safe and secure learning environments for all of our students.  As part of our continuing efforts to prepare staff and students for all possible emergency situations, we regularly practice fire drills, shelter-in-place, lockout, and lockdown drills. This year we will also practice a school evacuation drill. This drill will prepare us for any circumstance that might require us to move all students and staff from Green Meadow and bring them to another location.

Our School Evacuation Drill will take place on Friday, May 17, 2019, at approximately 9:30 AM. During the drill we will load all students by grade level, with their teachers, onto district school buses and transport them to Genet Elementary School. We will unload the buses and head to the auditorium. Attendance will be taken and we will practice our reunification process. The buses will then depart Genet and return to Green Meadow where students will disembark and continue with their school day. We anticipate being back at Green Meadow at approximately 10:30. During the Evacuation Drill, there will be no pick up or drop off of students, so please plan accordingly.

Prior to the drill we will talk with students about the importance of remaining quiet and cooperative during the drill. In the event of a real emergency, it would be important for us to be able to move quickly and safely and to be able to account for all of our children and staff members. Should you have any questions prior to the drill, please feel free to contact me at the school. Thank you for your support of our efforts.


Daniel G. Garab

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