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Students at Red Mill Moving Up CeremonyRed Mill Elementary School’s fifth graders walked across the stage and received their graduation certificates at Tuesday’s Moving Up Ceremony. Each of the fifth grade teachers and Principal John Caporta congratulated the graduates for their hard work and quality of character.

Principal Caporta addressing students and families

Principal John Caporta addressing students and families at the 2019 Red Mill Moving Up Ceremony.

“I am very proud of our graduating 5th grade class at Red Mill,” Mr. Caporta said. “They have proven to be strong role models for our younger students. Their behavior at school and their positive attitudes have set the tone for our entire student body this year. I wish them all much continued success at Goff. They will be missed.”

Congratulations to the graduates!

Presidential Gold Awards

  • Jaron Abat
  • Ryan Asenbauer
  • Myint Aung
  • Addison Brannock
  • Caleb Curtis
  • Delila Davis
  • Alina Deyette
  • Johnny Edick
  • Kurt Federis
  • Nathan Filingeri
  • Ella Forte
  • Lincoln Gipson
  • Katherine Hanna
  • Oliver Hogsberg
  • Ellie Jagger
  • Eliana Linsk
  • Charlotte Mueller
  • Brennan Reagan
  • Maddy Rizzo
  • Ben Sandak
  • Molly Simmons
  • Lucy Thomas
  • Brooke Wagner
  • Izzy Webster
Presidential Silver Awards
  • Caidyn Albano
  • Eryn Bruce
  • Haley Ciraulo-Natale
  • Logan Connell
  • Olivia Cramer
  • Lilyana Crescenzi
  • Blake Crozzoli
  • Edward Donohue
  • Brady Martyn
  • Teagan McQuide
  • Adley Peterson
  • Elise Oboyski
  • Sharlea Oliver
  • Kevin Rice
  • Amari Rosas
  • Bella Satalino
  • Tyler Secor
  • Erika Tirino