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School staff and guests at Edmond Genet land deed ceremony

Superintendent Jeff Simons with Principal Jill Barker and special guests at an assembly on Tuesday afternoon at Goff Middle School.

More than 200 years ago, when East Greenbush was still mostly farmland, Edmond Charles Genet, a former French diplomat and the husband to Cornelia Clinton, the daughter of New York Governor George Clinton, signed a land deed over to the then Town of Greenbush for the purpose of building schools.

That document was presented to Howard L. Goff Middle School at a special assembly with students and staff on Tuesday afternoon in the school gym.

Edmond Genet land deed

The back side of a land deed that was given to the Town of Greenbush in 1807. The land was donated to the town by Edmond Charles Genet for the purpose of building schools.

Bobbie Reno, historian for the Town of East Greenbush and Pat Riley Perella, a historical expert on Genet, presented the preserved land deed to Superintendent Jeff Simons and Goff Middle School Principal Jill Barker.

“We can think of no better place for this 212-year-old historical land grant document to rest, than at a school that promotes the legacy of Edmond Genet’s advocacy of education for all,” said Reno.

Since Goff Middle School opened in 1960, generations of students have learned and grown there.

“We are pleased and honored to host this re-dedication ceremony at Howard L. Goff Middle School,” Mrs. Barker said. “The ceremony will provide an opportunity for our 7th graders to view this important document and learn more about Edmond Genet who is part of the 7th grade social studies curriculum.”

During the assembly, East Greenbush Town Supervisor Jack Conway invited students to come up and view the historical document.