Winter Recess

All schools will be closed for Winter Recess starting Monday, February 19 through Friday, February 23.

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Digital Footprint display

Goff Middle School Health classes created a Digital Footprint display in the main lobby to go along with the safety classes taught by Deputy Russo.

Deputy Jeff Russo completed Internet Safety training for the entire 6th Grade at Howard L. Goff Middle School last week. He attended every Informational Literacy class, and provided loads of important information to students about popular social media sites and how they can use the internet safely.

Deputy Russo’s class focused on three main factors that are impacting children’s “digital footprint” online today:

  1. Who they talk to and understanding online predators
  2. What is and is not appropriate information to share online
  3. How to identify and report online bullying (cyberbullying)

Parents are encouraged to take some time to discuss online safety with their children and ask them about what type of “digital footprint” they are creating for themselves.

“Now would be a great time to ask your children if they have done anything online that maybe they wish they hadn’t, and discuss how to avoid letting that happen again in the future,” said Deputy Russo.

Internet Safety training will be provided to 7th and 8th graders in the coming months. In preparation of that, the Health classes this month created a Digital Footprints display in the main lobby of the building. Special thanks to Ms. Hosier and Mr. DeNisio for assisting with the display!