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Columbia High School celebrated its November Students of the Month on Thursday morning. Each student winner was nominated by a teacher or staff member for various categories such as Academics, Citizenship and Improvement. Congratulations!

Matthew Guzinski with Mrs. Chouinard and Mrs. Di BaccoMatthew Guzinski (Grade 9)
Nominated by C. Chouinard & A. DiBacco for Most Improved

Gavin Trautman with Mrs. ShepardsonGavin Trautman (Grade 10)
Nominated by D. Shepardson for Academics


Jenna Almon with Mr. TookerJenna Almon (Grade 11)
Nominated by J. Tooker for Academics & Citizenship


Kason Romanowski with Mrs. Gruet and Mrs. ShepardsonKason Romanowski (Grade 12)
Nominated by D. Shepardson & K. Gruet for Citizenship