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The East Greenbush CSD is excited to welcome all students back to school on Tuesday, September 6.

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Happy ThanksgivingEast Greenbush Central School District wishes our entire school community a Happy Thanksgiving! All schools will be closed from Wednesday, November 27 through Friday, November 29. Schools will re-open on Monday, December 2.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, staff from around the district reflected on what they are thankful for in their lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kate Banks
Kate Banks

Librarian – Columbia High School

“I am thankful for my loving family and friends. I am thankful for my amazingly talented librarian teammates Laura Wladarcyzk, Jamie Tobin, Liz Griffin, Sarah Garno, Peggy O’Connor, and Felice Devine. I am thankful for my phenomenal library clerk typist Sherry Ryan who goes above and beyond to help our students. I am thankful for my Mentor Meagan Asenbauer who is always there when I need guidance. I am thankful to all of my Columbia colleagues who inspire me every day with their hard work and dedication. I am especially thankful for all of my amazing students who allow me to help them along the way.  #luckiestlibrarian!”

Jill Barker
Jill Barker
Principal – Howard L. Goff Middle School

“I am thankful for my loving family, my health and the opportunity to come to work everyday to spend my time with the wonderful students, staff and families of Goff Middle School. In addition, I am grateful that I am able to bring Bandit to school each day and see the smiles he puts on our student and staffs’ faces everyday. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Transportation Supervisor MaryAnn Belmont and Officer Josh Witko
MaryAnn Belmont

Supervisor – Transportation Department

“As I near retirement, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people I have worked with over the years, including our bus drivers, mechanics and office staff, especially Judie and Vicky for their unwavering dedication to the students and parents and their continued support to the staff at the Transportation Department.”

Marissa Cannon
Marissa Cannon
Director of Human Resources

“I am thankful for my loving family, caring friends, my Pomeranian Holly who greets me at the door every day, my peaceful home, my health and the opportunity to work with an inspiring team at East Greenbush Central School District.”

Jaime Gibbs with Auggie the therapy dog
Jaime Gibbs

School Counselor – Bell Top Elementary School

“I am thankful to work in a such a supportive school district, in a position where I am able to help children and make a difference. I am thankful for the support that the administration and community of EGCSD has provided in bringing our therapy dog, Auggie, to Bell Top. I am thankful for all of the friends and connections I have made in the short time I have worked in this school district, and for the collaboration and teamwork I get to experience on a daily basis.”

Alison Hosier stands next to her artwork at Faculty Art Show
Alison Hosier

Art Teacher – Howard L. Goff Middle School

“I am grateful for my loving and supportive family. To my husband, son, mom, brother, and in-laws:  thank you for the vital role you play in my life. I’m thankful to work in a place where learning and passion for the arts can prove contagious. The colleagues I work with in this District are exceptional; I’m proud and humbled to share this profession with so many dedicated and talented people. Happy Thanksgiving to all!”

Megan Scolaro teaching
Megan Scolaro

Music Teacher – Genet Elementary School and Green Meadow Elementary School

“I’m thankful for my wonderfully supportive family and friends who bring so much joy to my life. I’m also thankful for the incredible people that I get to work with each day and for my students who make me smile with their enthusiasm and their love of learning. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!”

Jeff Simons speaking at Green Meadow Veterans Day assembly
Jeff Simons
Superintendent of Schools

“I am thankful for my beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. I am also thankful to work side by side every day with the finest board members, administrators, teachers and support staff anywhere. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Helen Squillace in her office
Helen Squillace
Principal – Red Mill Elementary School

“Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. It’s all about food and family (two things I love!). Thanksgiving gives me time to be with the people I love, relax and reflect on all of the things I am grateful for. I am blessed with good health, a great husband and a son and daughter I am so proud of, and a big extended family! This year I feel particularly grateful for my new work family at Red Mill School. I come to work each day to a job I love, working alongside caring, dedicated staff. They all work so hard and care so much about our students, and we have awesome students at Red Mill!  Every day there are smiles and laughs and lots of new learning. Who could ask for more?! I feel like every day’s a blessing … Thanksgiving just makes us stop for a day and take it all in. P.S. I can’t wait for the stuffing – my favorite part of the meal!”

Jim Truss at Green Meadow
Jim Truss

Head Custodian – Green Meadow Elementary School

“First off, I’m thankful for my family, which now includes our new canine companion Obi. I’m also very thankful for my friends and a great work environment full of great colleagues and students. Lastly, I’d like to give special thanks to our veterans and active duty service members who make all of our Thanksgivings possible! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!”

Debra Weichold receives American flag at Veterans Day ceremony
Debra Weichold

Secretary – Green Meadow Elementary School

“I am most happy this Thanksgiving to welcome another grandson into our family, to enjoy the love and celebrate the health of all my family and friends. Each year I appreciate and am thankful for ‘time’ more than anything, time to enjoy each other’s company, time to travel, and time to relax so with that being said, I plan on doing just that as I have decided to retire this December. Lovingly I would like to wish all my dear friends, parents, students, and colleagues a Happy Thanksgiving. I will honestly miss every one of you.”

Nicole Weiss in her classroom
Nicole Weiss

English Teacher – Columbia High School/Howard L. Goff Middle School

“Above all, I’m thankful for my loving and supportive husband, Dave, our daughters Ava and Giana, and our good health. This year, in particular, I’m thankful for my new position with the East Greenbush Central School District. It has been an exhilarating experience making the transition into the district. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a welcoming community that is so passionate about making positive change and challenging our students so that they can be the best they can be.”

Sondra Tucker and Roxanne DeJohn at DPS
Sondra Tucker and Roxanne DeJohn

Secretaries – Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School

“I am thankful for my husband, my two boys, my family, and Jimmy Buffett’s beach music to help get us through the long winters! I am also grateful that my health allows me to be strong every day!” – Sondra Tucker

“I am thankful for my health, family and friends, and being able to enjoy the wildlife and nature that surrounds my home.” – Roxanne DeJohn