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Dear Genet Families!

As we say “goodbye” to January and “hello” to February, we cannot help but look back on what this week has brought to Genet.  Our 4th and 5th Graders performed at the district wide choral festival with all 7 buildings. I was fortunate to be there to watch our students show off their talents in a packed house of their peers.  Students were treated to a wonderful acapella rendition of “Circle of Life” from The Lion King by Columbia High School’s Chamber Singers. This was a fantastic event for our students to see because it shows them that, if they choose, they can continue with their musical interests in the years to come at Goff and Columbia.   As a reminder, next week, Tuesday, February 4 is the district wide instrumental festival where our 5th graders will be showcasing their talents.

This week also brought with it our Personal Safety talks within their classrooms. I would like to thank Mr. Fonda for visiting Genet and sharing the program with our students in an effort to ensure student safety.  If you have any questions regarding the discussion, please reach out to our school social worker, Ms. Karen Sheridan at (518) 207-2680.

Genet is closing out our read-a-thon month in support  of the Albany Ronald McDonald House. If your child(ren) has/have participated, please turn in any reading materials or collections to their classroom teacher so it may be counted and turned over to Mr. Siver and Genet’ Student Council.  We will make an announcement of our totals once everything has been collected!

Today, our students closed our Character Education Morning Program on self-control. I would like to thank Ms. Corey and Mrs. Carlin and their classes for organizing this month’s presentations.  Next month our school wide focus is on Perseverance and how we can overcome something that may be seen as too difficult and continue to give it our best try! Second Grade is in charge of February’s morning programs.

During February Genet will be celebrating Black History Month. Our students will be showcasing many different African-Americans who have contributed much to our nation during our Genet TV broadcast. Teachers will be sharing videos on numerous topics with students as to demonstrate the importance of commemorating African American History.

Reminders:  One of the most important factors in determining student success is a student’s attendance at school.  When students are frequently absent, they miss out on important activities, learning opportunities and student-teacher interactions that take place in the classroom. This can also have an impact on student learning when students are habitually tardy (coming in late or leaving early) to school.  Please also remember to send your child(ren) in with a note upon their return to Genet. We look forward to a continued year of success working together and watching your child(ren) grow!

Updates from the Music Room, by Mrs. Scolaro
This week, the 4th and 5th graders participated in the district-wide choral festival at Columbia High School. The 4th grade chorus performed the song “The Sun and Moon” on stage while the 5th graders sang a combined 5th grade piece called “Give Us Hope” with all of the 5th grade chorus members in the district. After hearing performances from the middle school and high school choruses, all of the students in grades 4-12 sang a song in a round together. It was a wonderful way to end the festival with everyone sharing in the joy of singing together!  Next week, our Genet 5th grade Band and Orchestra members will be participating in the district-wide instrument festival which is also held at CHS. The Genet students will be joining the Green Meadow students in playing a piece together in the festival. Also performing at the festival will be the middle and high school bands and orchestras. We look forward to hearing the talented groups perform at this exciting event! Congratulations to all of the ensembles in both festivals!

Updates from the PE Department, by Mr. Jones and Mr. Leyhane
Physical Education classes are continuing with the volleyball unit.  The students are using lighter and softer volleyballs for practicing basic drills.  The drills will progress and lead into modified volleyball games.  As the winter weather continues, please make sure that your child has appropriate footwear (sneakers) on the days they have PE.  Students are not allowed to participate without proper footwear.

Updates from the Library, by Mrs. Garno 
Students have been doing some interesting work in the library this month.  In kindergarten and first grade, students learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and have been working on the Chromebooks.  Kindergarten is learning to sign on and use a program called Starfall. First grade has started working on some typing skills using ABCYA.  Second grade has been learning about the best resources to use when starting research. They are going to begin researching different landforms.  Third grade has been learning about our e-book platform, Sora, and listening to Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.  Fourth grade has been using Primary and Secondary sources to learn about early Schenectady and is beginning to read a novel that takes place there in 1690.  Fifth grade has been working on creating questions for researching national parks and monuments across the United States. They will be researching using library databases and also learning about locating reliable websites.

A list of upcoming events at Genet:

  • February 3 –  Genet PTO Meeting, 6:30 PM in the Genet Conference Room – All are welcome to attend
  • February 4 –  District Wide Instrumental Festival – CHS
  • February 5 –  PTO Sponsored Wacky Wednesday  – Pajama Day
  • February 6 –  Park Playhouse visits Genet! Footprints on the Moon, Grades 3-5, 10-11:30 AM
  • February 7 –  Half-Day of School for Students!  Dismissal at 11:05 AM.
  • February 7 –  Morning Program in the Genet Auditorium at 9:00 AM –  All are welcome to attend!

Thank you for your continued support of Genet and have a great weekend!


Wayne Grignon

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