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The New York State Education Department and the Board of Regents has formed a Blue Ribbon Commission to review current high school graduation requirements for potential changes. A regional forum is being held on March 18, 2020 from 5:00-7:30 p.m. in the Hearst Media Center at the Times Union Building located at 645 Albany Shaker Road in Albany. This is an opportunity to provide input into changes you may like to see to the current graduation requirements.

Any interested students, parents, and staff members within the East Greenbush Central School District are encouraged to register to attend the Graduation Measures Forum.

Students learn differently, possess different interests and talents and have varying learning styles. Despite these differences, the majority of students are required to earn 22 credits, meet the same general course requirements and to demonstrate their knowledge through passing 5 Regents Examinations with an option to substitute a technical assessment for one of the 5 Regents Examinations in order to graduate from high school in New York.

New York State is one of only a small number of states in the nation that actually require high stakes exit examinations for students to graduate. Some advocates have suggested alternatives to Regents Examinations which might involve student portfolios, community service requirements, internship experiences, and civic and life readiness indicators as more effective graduation measures or some combination of traditional exams and these types of authentic measures.

Some research has also been done by educational groups suggesting that measures such as completion of college credit or AP courses in high school, community service requirements and participation in extracurricular activities are better predictors of how students will perform in college or in entering a career upon graduation. For more information on some of these studies you may want to visit:, which is a national initiative launched by the The School Superintendents Association.

Graduation Measures Forum
James McHugh, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, will be representing the East Greenbush Central School District leadership at the Graduation Measures Forum. Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to break into smaller groups to discuss and provide feedback to the Department. If you would like to attend this forum, please register here.

The Board of Regents has provided the following guiding questions for this public forum:

  1. What do we want students to know and to be able to do before they graduate?
  2. How do we want students to demonstrate such knowledge and skills?
  3. How do you measure learning and achievement (as it pertains to the answers to #2 above) to ensure they are indicators of high school completion?
  4. How can measures of achievement accurately reflect the skills and knowledge of our special populations, such as students with disabilities and English language learners?
  5. What course requirements or examinations will ensure that students are prepared for college and careers or civic engagement?