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Petticoats of Steel play in the Genet AuditoriumSeventh and eighth grade students from Howard L. Goff Middle School saw history come alive on Wednesday morning in the Genet Elementary School auditorium when they attended an in-person performance of “Petticoats of Steel,” a play about the process Americans went through to secure the 19th Amendment.

The powerful production, which is part of a school tour presented by Proctors and theRep, allowed students to experience the battles fought and ultimately won for women’s suffrage as told in the voices of the brave warriors who fought them, as well as those who fought and still are fighting for civil rights for all.

“Petticoats of Steel” uses primary sources to tell the true stories of the women, specifically those of the State of New York – Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the roles they played in gaining voting rights for all women of the United States of America.

“This cross-curricular field trip provided students the chance to experience a live theatrical performance, while simultaneously enriching their knowledge of significant historical events,” said Social Studies Teacher Kelyn Snyder who organized the field trip.