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While schools are temporarily closed, we will be sharing news stories from our distance learning model.

Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School teachers and staff have organized a Lunchtime Car Parade for students on Monday, April 6 starting at noon. School staff will be driving in their cars and saying hello to students and families as they drive through neighborhoods with signs and decorations.


  • Parade Route Map
    • Start at Park and ride (Point A-Noon)
    • Go 150 to the Highlands. Go into Highlands to the end and loop around the cul-de-sac (B) 
    • (Roughly 12:05)
    • Out of Highlangs, right onto 150
    • Left onto Poyneer (C) (Roughly 12:10)
    • Right onto Beaver Road 
    • Left on Route 20 (D)
    • Left on Schoolhouse Road
    • Right onto New Road to the Stewarts (E) (12:20-12:30)
    • Left onto Route 20 to the light
    • Left onto Elm Street to Schodack Nassau Road (F)
    • Stay left at fork to go around Nassau Lake
    • Right onto Hoage Corner Road (G) (12:35-12:40)
    • Right onto Nassau Averill Park Road
    • Back down Elm Street past Zias (H) (12:40-12:50)
    • Go through light to Chatham Street
    • Right onto Fairgrounds (I) (12:45-12:55)
    • Loop around John Street (J) to Westbrook (A) back out Kosey St (B)
    • Left onto John Street
    • Left onto Albany Ave (C) (12:50-1:00)
    • Left onto McClellan 
    • Right onto Wood Lane (small street)
    • Right onto Bunker Hill Road (D) (12:55-1:05)
    • Left onto Route 20 back to Park and Ride (E)