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Due to the global situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, Syracuse University has informed the East Greenbush Central School District that they are unable to offer the summer training for educators for the Introduction to Public Policy course that was scheduled to be offered to seniors during the 2020 – 2021 academic year. Unfortunately, this means that Columbia will not be able to offer college credit for this class next year as we had originally planned.

While this is disappointing for the students who had registered for this course, as an alternative, Columbia will now offer a section of Honors Participation in Government. Students who had registered for the SUPA Public Policy class will automatically be registered for the Honors PIG course. 

At this point, if students no longer wish to be enrolled in Participation in Government as an Honors class, please email your school counselor. If a student had not initially registered for the SUPA Introduction to Public Policy course and now is interested in the Honors Participation in Government class, please email your guidance counselor as soon as possible to adjust your schedule requests.