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Students from Genet and Bell Top Elementary Schools recently participated in a local math competition for schools from Columbia, Renssealer and Greene counties. Students answered math questions at their grade level as part of online games.

Each of the top 5 individual scores were from East Greenbush Central School District, and Michell H., a Genet student in Mrs. Murawski’s class, answered the most correct questions (986 our of 1,000).

Congratulations to our students!

Top 5 Individual Students

Rank Name Class Score
1st Michell H. Murawski/Davis 986 out of 1,000
2nd Samira H. Siver 960 out of 1,000
3rd Miyu L. Murawski/Davis 956 out of 1,000
4th Aashrith M. Valenti 937 out of 1,000
5th Jackson S. Siver 931 out of 1,000
Top 3 Teams
Rank Class Score
1st Siver, Genet 725
2nd Valenti, Bell Top 498
3rd Murawski/Davis, Genet 377