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Under normal circumstances, students and staff members would have witnessed their art teachers feverishly prepping for the Annual District-wide Art Show these past few weeks. Throughout the year, art teachers collect, mat and label work in preparation for the show. This event, if you have never had the chance to attend, is spectacular and is a tremendous way to showcase artwork from K-12 students. Artwork covers the Columbia High School lobby, lines the hallways leading to the cafeteria, and the cafeteria itself is filled with student artwork.

Today, May 14th, would have been that special day for the East Greenbush art community. At 6 p.m. tonight, the doors of Columbia High School would have opened and everyone would be invited in to walk the halls and cafeteria to admire the hard work of the EGCSD art students.

Our art teachers were saddened to realize the show would not take place this year, so they put their heads together and “rose to the occasion.”

Collaborating remotely, the teachers collected art images they had access to, and brainstormed events and special moments that they wanted to share with the community. All nine art teachers agree: ART IS ESSENTIAL, and this is evident now more than ever. Students find peace and de-stress through their creative pursuits.

The art teachers created an “Art Show Alternative” video and is a condensed remix of what East Greenbush students have done and continue to do within the arts. The East Greenbush Art Department is incredibly proud of its students. They have dedicated this presentation to the 5th graders, 8th graders, and the Senior Class of 2020. Nothing will ever replace the Annual district-wide Art Show, but we hope you enjoy this version.