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All East Greenbush CSD schools will be closed starting Friday, May 24 through Tuesday, May 28 due to unused snow days and Memorial Day.

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No Place for Hate logo - Goff Middle SchoolHoward L. Goff Middle School received its designation as a No Place for Hate school from the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday. The program promotes an anti-bias and anti-bullying message to create a more positive school environment.

To receive No Place for Hate designation, a school must complete the following:

  • Needs assessment
  • Formation of a No Place for Hate committee
  • Signing of the Resolution of Respect
  • One A World of Difference® Institute anti-bias or bullying prevention training program
  • Design and implementation of three school-wide anti-bias or bullying prevention activities
Tay Fisher speaking to 7th and 8th graders at assembly

Tay Fisher discussing the importance of education to 7th and 8th graders at an assembly on Wednesday morning.

Goff students and staff signed the Resolution of Respect in December and a group of students and staff completed a No Place for Hate training in January.

Throughout the year, students on the No Place for Hate Committee helped organize a variety of programs and events that promoted anti-bias and bullying prevention. Some of those events included participation in Character Education assemblies, a video project collaboration with Peer Leadership, a Mix it up Lunch to help facilitate conversation amongst students and two presentations led by former Harlem Globetrotter Tay Fisher.

“I am very proud of the official designation of Goff Middle School as a No Place For Hate school,” said Principal Jill Barker. “I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Carrie Knudsen and Alex Omecinsky as club advisors. Their leadership was supported by Karen Green, Rachel Mathis, Jeff Russo, Jamie Eggleston, Beth Duncan and Rosaire Higgins who all helped to facilitate the meetings and were a critical part of our activities. A community member and grandparent, Barbara Hennessey, also participated in the meetings and helped give us the perspective from families. This was a student led club and I appreciate the hard work of the students who embraced the task of building the culture at Goff to further embrace diversity, acceptance and kindness.”

No Place for Hate Committee

Faculty and Staff

  • Alexandra Omecinsky
  • Audry June
  • Beth Duncan
  • Carrie Knudsen
  • James Eggleston
  • Jarod Grieco
  • Jeff Russo
  • Joseph DeNisio
  • Karen Anderson-Green
  • Lalena DeMarco
  • Linda Pavlick
  • Rachel Mathis
  • Rosaire Higgins
  • Libby Zucker

Community Member

  • Barbara Hennessey


  • FNU Abhinav
  • Paul Acker
  • Brian Berg III
  • Starajah Cohen
  • Keira Cook
  • Aeris Corrodore
  • Delila Davis
  • Emily Craven
  • Shannon Doyle
  • Rowan Echevarria
  • Stephen Armer
  • John Ferree IV
  • Jordan Gales
  • Ryan Garrison
  • Piper Gentile
  • Onalia Gilbert
  • Imara Green
  • Kole Hardy
  • Ella Hegener
  • Zoe Johnson
  • Liliana Larsen
  • Anthone Marozas
  • Madison McHugh
  • Kaylee Mercer
  • Mallory Paschall
  • Markus Plant
  • Cole Posniewski
  • Amari Rosas
  • Jennavieve Stieler
  • Alexander Swinnie
  • Alexis Szemplinski
  • Sania Taney
  • Thomas Tethers
  • Molly Tracey
  • Isabella Webster