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The Rensselaer County Health Department is administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine at pop-up clinics throughout the county this summer. Walk-ins are accepted. Please note, individuals MUST be 18+ to be eligible for this single dose vaccine. View vaccine clinic schedule:

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Teacher of the Year image

Under these extraordinary circumstances, and in recognition of the outstanding dedication from every teacher and instructional staff member, the EGTA Teacher of the Year award is being given to All EGTA Members.

Since 1970, the East Greenbush Teachers Association has honored one of its members by awarding them with Teacher of the Year. The award is traditionally given to an individual member of the district’s instructional staff, however, this school year has been anything but traditional.

The school year was radically changed in mid-March when schools across the state were shuttered abruptly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, teachers and staff adapted the normal classroom experience for students and began teaching through a distance learning model. Teachers worked from home to setup Google Classrooms, create lesson plans, record lessons, and research and utilize new apps for teaching.

In addition to the actual teaching of students, teachers and other instructional staff have continued to connect with students during this challenging time. They have made regular phone calls and wellness visits, hosted video chats with groups of students, and organized parades and other fun events with social distancing to show students and families that although we cannot be together in schools right now, we are together in spirit always.

Under these extraordinary circumstances, and in recognition of the outstanding dedication from every teacher and instructional staff member, the EGTA Teacher of the Year award is being given to All EGTA Members.

“Given the challenges faced and conquered that each of us has over these past few months in guiding students through this global pandemic, there is no better way to honor one than to honor all,” EGTA President Drew Romanowski said in an email to EGTA Members. “Through this journey that no one asked for, each of you has remained steadfast in your commitment to your students while doing so with grace, humor, courtesy, decency, and a tireless dedication to serving the whole child and all of their needs.”

A special thanks goes to the Teacher of the Year Committee Co-Chairs Christine Dushensky and Kristen Zilgme for their time and effort throughout this process as they graciously serve in this role.

Congratulations to the more than 350 EGTA Members including Teachers, Special Education Teachers, ENL Teachers, Library Media Specialists, School Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists!

EGTA Teacher of the Year Award

2020       All EGTA Members
2019       Maria Fontaine
2018       Scott Siver
2017       Wendy McAlonie
2016       Curtis Sankey
2015       Melissa Gilligan
2014       Nancy Boucher
2013       Monica Blanchfield
2012       Bob Halek
2011       Diana Prout
2010       Jean Decker
2009       Lisa Westman
2008       Linda Kaminski
2007       Peter Zilgme
2006       Christina Rogone
2005       Denise Nahal
2004       The Staff at CHS
2003       Sean Crall
2002       Larraine Gillette
2001       Nikki Carter-Piechnik
2000       Susan Owens
1999       Sally Sroka
1998       Virginia Congemi
1997       Kevin McCann
1996       Mary LaFleur
1995       Linda McCabe
1994       Lynda DeCelle
1993       Denise Poost
1992       Barbara Poole
1991       Kathy DeWeese
1990       Henry Kolakoski
1989       Robert Crosby
1988       Benedict Schaefer
1987       Elizabeth Lyman
1986       Shirley Howard
1985       Carlton Eno
1984       Louise Pearce
1983       Peter Citrolo
1982       Michael Angelo
1981       Marilyn Reeves
1980       Kileen Stone
1979       Edith Cosgrove
1978       Thelma Donahue
1977       Robert King
1976       Jean Burgess
1975       Raymond Gietz
1974       Elizabeth McMaster
1973       Alfred Viola
1972       Bernice Pechenik
1971       Paul Bourgeois
1970       Ruth Herr