Kindergarten Returns Full Time Starting March 1

The Board of Education has approved two changes to the instructional model: 1) Kindergarten students will resume five days a week of in-person learning starting on Monday, March 1. The Full Remote Program is still available to families. 2) Live Virtual Wednesdays will be eliminated for students in grades 1-5 starting March 10 to provide one additional in-person school day every other week. March 10 will be an in-person school day for B Day students and A Day students will have a remote day. The schedule will alternate going forward.

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Columbia High School published, “The Labyrinth,” its annual art and literature magazine, earlier this month. The magazine features photography, drawings and poetry created by students from this school year. View “2019-20 Labyrinth”

Special thanks to the following students and staff!

Labyrinth Magazine cover 2019-20

Front cover of the 2019-20 Labyrinth magazine (artwork titled “Family Values” by Lillia Walsh.


  • Melissa Dupont
  • Patricia Shaw


  • Isabella Maguffin


  • Alexandra Torelli
  • Kourtney Brand
  • Isabella Dupont
  • Dan Kuehn
  • Isabella Maguffin
  • Daniella Mahar
  • Benny Pauli
  • Maung Hean
  • Noah Printup
  • Lyssandra Sanchez

Student Contributors

  • David Adadjo
  • Grace Brody
  • Kourtney Brand
  • Alexis Bulan
  • Amanda Craven
  • Isabella Dupont
  • Ryan Gattie
  • Emma Hart
  • Tyler Hines
  • Paige Jackson
  • Dan Kuehn
  • Don Lantz
  • Ella Levack
  • Isabella Maguffin
  • Daniella Mahar
  • Isobel McCarty
  • Morgan McHugh
  • Amanda Palma
  • Ella Patterson
  • Benny Pauli
  • Adam Sacchetti
  • Autumn Smith
  • Brandon Smith
  • Lanie Smith
  • Gabrielle Stringer
  • Skyla Suarez
  • Savannah Tenace
  • Alexandra Torelli
  • Lillia Walsh
  • Skylar Weaver
  • Tyler Williams