Thanksgiving Recess

All schools will be closed for Thanksgiving Recess from Wednesday, November 23 to Friday, November 25. Schools will re-open on Monday, November 28. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Earlier this week, the East Greenbush Central School District shared the NYS Department of Health requirements for when students can return to school after showing COVID-19 symptoms. Yesterday, the state updated that guidance which changes those requirements.

Families will no longer need to submit a doctor’s note AND a negative COVID test result any time a student shows symptoms of COVID-19. The new process requires the student to be examined by their health care provider, who has the option of ordering a COVID test or giving a different diagnosis (e.g., a chronic condition unrelated to COVID-19).

If the health care provider orders a COVID test, the student can return to school only with a doctor’s note and the negative test results. If a COVID test is not ordered, the student can return to school with a doctor’s note stating the alternate diagnosis.

Please review the Updated Return to School After Illness Form, which includes a flow chart describing when students can return to school after showing symptoms of COVID-19.