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Random Acts of Kindness cardsAlong with lessons in math and ELA, science and social studies, students from Green Meadow are learning all about kindness. Fourth grade teacher Jaimee Kusche started her annual Random Acts of Kindness project after Thanksgiving in which she handed out laminated tags to all of her students asking them to do a random act of kindness for someone in the community.

This year, students have baked cookies, made Christmas ornaments and shoveled driveways for others. Then the students keep the kindness going by passing along the tag to those they’ve helped so those individuals can pay it forward. 

“I didn’t know how this project would go this year because of Covid, but my students are finding creative ways to still spread kindness in a safe way,” Mrs. Kusche said.

Many of the acts of kindness are documented on the class’ Random Acts of Kindness website, which date back to 2015.

A December 18 post on the website said: “Yesterday, after the huge storm we got, Sophia and her dad came over to dig us out. Every time I peaked out the window, she was doing something different. She cleaned the mailbox, took a broom to my car and cleared our doorway. Before they were done, she even took a lesson on how to use the snow blower from her dad. Sophia never fails to amaze us. We are happy with all our grandchildren.”

Another post from earlier this week said: “Amaya Catherine Bonner is so very kind. She made my husband and I sweet homemade chocolate pretzels. She also sends me random texts with little messages that warm my heart everyday. Her and her sisters are so special, kind and loving I will be sure to pass on a random act of kindness. Paying it forward. Thank you for doing this Mrs. Kusche! Happy New year!”

As students spread kindness through this project, it not only makes others feel good, but it has important value to the students as well.

“I love to hear how happy my students have made members of the community and beyond,” said Mrs. Kusche, “but the real joy comes from seeing how good it makes my students feel when they are kind.”