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Green Meadow 4th and 5th graders used the fresh blanket of snow last week as their canvas, creating beautiful snow murals from home on Tuesday and Wednesday. The art project was inspired by environmental artist Simon Beck who creates large snow murals.

As part of the project, art teacher Karli Powers introduced students to Mr. Beck’s work through videos and images. They discussed the shapes he uses in his snow mural designs and then shared their predictions of how he made his creations. The students then created their own snow murals at home. They could make it outside or bring the snow inside. The students used their bodies, utensils, pencils and more to create their designs and then shared them through Google Classroom.

“This was a fun way to get the students engaged and out in the snow celebrating our school,” said Mrs. Powers. “I hope it brings a smile to people’s faces.”

Snow mural outside Green Meadow

Snow mural outside of Green Meadow created by art teacher Karlin Powers as an example for her students.