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The East Greenbush Central School District continues to receive water quality testing results and now has reports for all five elementary schools. The district is waiting on results from Goff Middle School and has scheduled testing for Columbia on Thursday, April 1.

The school district began testing potential drinking water sources earlier this month in accordance with state law to determine the amount of lead that exists in water.

Of the 348 results we have received from the laboratory so far, 29 outlets were above the New York State Department of Health’s threshold of 15 parts per billion of lead in water. It is important to note that the 15 parts per billion threshold is an actionable level, meaning any outlets above that mark must be addressed by schools.

Any outlets above 15 parts per billion of lead will be remediated and resampled. Remediation efforts include running the water from affected outlets to flush the system, replacement of fixtures, filters and in some cases piping, installation of bottle fillers, and other renovations as part of our current capital project.

Bell Top Elementary
Testing completed and no outlets above 15 parts per billion.

Donald P. Sutherland Elementary 

  1. Conference Room Sink
  2. Girl’s Bathroom Sink – Second from left
  3. Room 18 – Right Faucet
  4. Boy’s Bathroom by Room 13 – Center Sink Faucet
  5. Boy’s Bathroom by Room 13 – Right Sink Faucet
  6. Room 26 Sink – Outside Bathroom
  7. Room 32 – Classroom Sink
  8. Room 36 – Main Classroom Sink
  9. Room 37 – Main Classroom Sink
  10. Room 40 – Main Classroom Sink
  11. Room 30 – Nurses Office Sink
  12. Room 60 – Classroom Sink

Genet Elementary 

  1. Women’s Bathroom by Room 114 – Center Sink Faucet
  2. Men’s Bathroom by Main Entrance – Left Sink Faucet
  3. Room 218 – Classroom Sink

Green Meadow Elementary 

  1. Room 5 (Music Room) – Right Faucet
  2. Room 1 – Main Classroom Faucet
  3. Room 2 – Main Classroom Faucet
  4. Kitchen Bathroom
  5. Room 16 – Library Office Sink
  6. Room 22 Classroom Sink
  7. Room 29 Classroom Sink
  8. Kitchen Steam Table

Red Mill Elementary 

  1. Boy’s Bathroom by Room 120 – Right Sink Faucet
  2. Girl’s Bathroom by Room 120 – Right Sink Faucet
  3. Room 19 – Classroom Sink
  4. Room 34 – Water Fountain (not being used for drinking water this year)
  5. Room 30 – Classroom Sink
  6. Room 26 – Classroom Sink

Goff Middle School
Testing completed. Waiting for results.

Columbia High School
Testing scheduled for Thursday, April 1.

The district will post all of the laboratory results on our website once the water testing is complete. 

For more information on lead in water please refer to the link below at the NYS Department of Health: